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12 Little Girls' Bedroom Ideas

Shanell Mouland
July 5, 2017

She's outgrown her toddler days, but she's still your little girl. Here are 12 sweet design ideas for your daughter's big-girl bedroom.

You spend all that time decorating your daughter's nursery -- and now she's almost outgrown it. For the new decor, how can you find little girls' bedroom ideas that will last her from toddlerhood to her teenage years?

As with any room in the house, don't choose a theme that will quickly become dated, advises Laila Fasli, a blogger and design enthusiast at Designs by Laila. "I think it's important to transform a room she can grow with after her toddler years. I like choosing items that are timeless and always look updated for many years to come." For example, your daughter might be wild about a Strawberry Shortcake-themed room, but will she still love it two years from now?

"When a girl is ready to decorate her room, it's important for parents to select items and colors that allow her to grow into her choices. Choose more saturated tones of colors, meaning they are darker or richer than pastels," says Jane Lockhart, an award-winning interior designer and television personality. "Invest in the items that are intended to last the longest in the most neutral colors. For instance, select grays, whites and creams and then add pillows and accessories in the accent color determined." And don't forget paint! An accent wall is the easiest way to add color without committing to the whole room, thus lessening your time and investment. Here are a few great little girls' bedroom ideas for your little doll:

  1. Vintage
    Try a vintage approach to redecorating her bedroom and watch her fall in love with its classic appeal. Even you'll want to sleep in the sweetly vintage room dreamed up by On the Banks of Squaw Creek.
  2. Fairy
    Capture the fairy mood with one focal point. "I love the idea of installing a beautiful canopy over her bed. Have fun with fresh, floral fabrics and add a touch of whimsy with a pom-pom trim. Sounds dreamy," says interior designer Sarah Glynn. Check out the flower-inspired canopy reading nook on Sawdust and Embryos, which would look just as good hanging over your daughter's bed.
  3. Outer Space
    Does she reach for the moon and beyond? Let her sleep among the stars in her very own outer space room, like this one from Remodelaholic, and show her that the sky is the limit.
  4. A Little Girly
    Balance more feminine accents with a neutral background. Masculine gray plays nicely with girly pink and mint in this room from Petite Vintage Interiors.
  5. Parisian Chic
    Is your daughter a future world traveler? Let your little travel bug get a feeling for one of the greatest cities in the world with this pink and black room from Design Dazzle.
  6. Polka Dots
    Maybe your whimsical daughter can't be tied down to a specific theme. Whether you choose to go big or small, brighten her room with smile-inducing polka dots, like these from Polka Dot Chair.
  7. Mermaid
    The mysteries of the sea are fascinating for any child. Let the legend of the mermaid inspire her to do some exploring of her own in this room from Seven Thirty Three.
  8. Surfer
    If your little one wants to ride the waves with the best in the world, let her. She can sleep among this beachy and breezy surf theme from Sand & Sisal until she is ready to hit the waves herself.
  9. Pirate
    Little girls can fly a Jolly Roger high above their ship (bed) and inspire fear into the ocean's sailors (siblings) in this room from Batchelors Way.
  10. Cupcake
    Seriously, you just can't go wrong with this one. Everyone loves cake, and this bakery-inspired room from Nest Design Studio is as sweet as it gets.
  11. Superhero
    If she's a little powerhouse, she might relate to a superhero theme. The subtle details in this room from J & A and Co. keep the room from being too cartoony.
  12. Bookworm
    Even though you might like to steal this theme for yourself, let your little one fall asleep among her favorite titles and she'll grow up loving books as much as you do. The Little Design Studio shows you how to make a reading corner so your daughter can keep her favorite books on display.

Whatever theme you choose, your little girl is sure to love her newly decorated bedroom.

Want more ideas? Check out 13 of the Coolest Girls' Room Ideas.

Shanell Mouland writes for Huffington Post as well as her own blog, which is dedicated to telling stories of the care and raising of her autistic daughter, Kate, and her super sibling, Grace.

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