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Housekeeper Checklist

Keep track for your clients.

Want to let you clients know what you did while they were out? Need new supplies or have you finished a project? Use theHousekeeping Checklistto tell them, in detail, about what you did and make requests and recommendations for future tasks and supplies. It'll show them that you did a great job (and give them a little incentive to write a glowing review of your services on

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  • I guess great minds think alike in that I already have a list I leave my clients when I am finished. Since I provide my own cleaners I did not think of the cleaning supplies I may need just in case a client requires me to use their supplies. But this is a great communication tool to help the client know what their money is going towards. I also have a space on mine they can leave for the next time if they need anything additional or would like something done a different way. I also send a personalized letter before I clean a new client's house confirming our appointment and required duties. After the first cleaning, I also leave a thank you note to let them know that I enjoyed the opportunity to serve them and if they are satisfied enough with my work and recommend me to a friend, I take 10% off of their next cleaning. Communication is key when working with people. An email is nice, but a hand written letter and a follow up phone call help to make the experience personal and is a show of great customer service!

  • Jonelle, That is a great idea to offer a referral discount. I am always looking for new ways to find new clients! :)

  • i care about all my clients. willing to go help others in need. i thank communication is important. thanks

  • I care about all my clientes.i do for them what i do for my self, i provide my own cleaners,but when the client requires me to use they supplies.Grat comunication is the key when working whit peoples. thanks

  • I all ways cared for my clientes to.iwas honest,reliable,thay are like family.seen there kids growup.and go off collage.

  • what exactly does the check list look like and contain i am a beginner here and would love some pointers

  • I need suggestions on how to build my cliental. Most of my clients have recently become deceased, so I can't ask for referrals. I have put an ad in the newspaper. I even had business cards made up. Everyone else either already has or can;t afford anyone at this time. Any other suggestions???

  • Great ideas from Jonelle and to all of you ladies. We all learn how to be the best in our jobs by exchanging ideas. Yes, honesty is one of the best virtue when working with people and it pays in the long run. Thanks to all!!

  • Great idea

  • Brilliant! I am a newb on this website and that is an amazing idea. I would want someone to do that for me! =)

  • I have a checklist made up for everything that I have done in my clients home so that way I know what I have done and they know what I have sone or if other things need to be added.

  • I have 2 different check list's (1) is for move outs and deep cleanings that my client and I will fill out together and the (2nd) one is for my weekly/bi-weekly's that I leave with them every time I come and clean; that way they can fill it out accordingly before my next visit. I also leave comment cards and encourage them to fill them out because feedback helps you learn and grow whether it is positive or negative... there is always room for improvement. I do all this because it is extremely important to me that I clearly understand what my clients want/need and work diligently to exceed their expectations.

  • I always wonder how much or how little a housekeeper will do. I never know what questons to ask.

  • I always do my best, I follow my clients request all the time, and I always make sure to do little details because make all the difference. I clean their homes like was my own And always have a good friendship with my clients, always honest and friendly.

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