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7 Tips for Finding a Housekeeping Job on Care.com

Stephanie St. Martin
July 19, 2017

Clean up your profile and job application with this helpful advice.

You know your squeegee from your Swiffer and you're ready to call them both into action. There are lots of available cleaning jobs on Care.com, but how do you stand out from the competition?

A polished profile and job application are a great place to start. Here are some tips to help get responses from families who need your housecleaning services.

And don't forget to read our article "14 Ways to Get Families to Respond to You" for additional suggestions.

1) Know Your Rates

When families look for housekeepers, one of the first things they consider is price. Make sure the rates you're charging are competitive with other providers in your area. Many housekeepers set rates by square footage of a house or apartment.

Also think about time. You should know a rough estimate of how long it takes you to clean certain rooms or areas -- and include it in your profile. Check out our article "How Much Should I Charge for Housekeeping Services?" for tips on what to charge.

2) Know Your Services

What types of services do you provide? Do you just do general surface cleaning? Will you wash windows, deep clean the fridge or even organize closets? Do you specialize in green cleaning? Will you come and clean before and after a party or event? In your profile, list how you can help families.

3) Know Your Schedule

Most housekeeping jobs are monthly or bi-monthly. Although many families hire for a set schedule, if you are available for one-time jobs, make note of that. Families who need someone last minute may opt to hire you since you clearly state it.

4) Know Your Products

If you are in the housekeeping industry, you should have a sense of what cleaning products you should have in your arsenal. What would you use to get a stubborn stain out of a carpet? Do you know the best products to clean wood or polish silver? If a job posting specifically mentions certain cleaning needs, impress the family by showing off your knowledge.

5) Know Your Supplies

Some housekeepers use the family's mop, but more often we see skilled housekeepers bringing their preferred equipment to a job. If you have a trusted vacuum you know will get the job done, let a family know when you reply to them. They may hire you based on the fact that you took the time to present detailed information about what equipment you would use to clean their house.

6) Know Your Housekeeping

You should stay abreast of all the latest trends and techniques in this area. How do you clean electronics without harming them? What do you do when faced with dirty Lucite furniture? And if a family specifically says they are having an issue with pet hair, give suggestions on what to do in your response to the posting.

7) Know Your Social Media

Pinterest is a social media site with thousands of images and tips for people to share. Some of the popular topics on the site include cleaning and organization advice. Care.com is on Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/carea...) and has "boards" on these themes. Make a Pinterest board of all your tips and provide a link to your profile in your response. Tell families to visit your Pinterest page, so they can get a better idea about your services.

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