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From trips to the grocery store to other errands, get the transportation assistance your senior needs in Utah.

Utah - Transportation

It can be difficult to figure out how your loved one is going to get around when they have lost the ability to drive. You may wish to take on the responsibility yourself, but there are also many other transportation resources available for your loved one in Utah.

Many people have difficulty in approaching this sensitive situation.  How do you talk to your loved one about handing over the keys?  You can find some information abouthow to approach this conversationon Care.com.

Utah Reduced Fare

The Utah Transit Authority offers discounts for senior citizens. The two types of discounts they offer are a reduced one-way fare for $1.10 (normally $2.25) or a reduced fare monthly pass for $37.50 (normally $75.00).

Salt Lake County Transportation - Rides for Life

The Senior Transportation Program provides rides for older adults 60 years or older who have no other means of transportation to medical appointments and prescription pick-ups. A $2.00 donation is suggested for each trip.

Private Transportation

If your loved one would prefer to use private transportation rather than public transportation, you may want to consider hiring a privatesenior caregiverto help.  Care.com is a great resource for hiring quality senior caregivers in your area.

More Resources

Need help getting around? Post atransportation job.

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