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Indiana Transportation Resources

From trips to the grocery store to other errands, get the transportation assistance your senior needs in Indiana.



Indiana - Transportation

At some point, even the most capable seniors are going to have to stop driving their own car.  It may not be easy and they may be resistant, but at some point taking the keys away from elderly loved ones must be discussed. But giving up driving does not mean a loss of independence and finding alternatives is important.

Seniors often find family and friends willing to give rides and do errands, but sometimes this is not possible. Throughout the state there are a number of car, taxi, or van services that specialize in assisting senior citizens.  Most of these services are provided through senior centers, parks and recreation departments, and other human service departments.  These services can vary in price, but are typically quite affordable.  There may not be online resources for your particular area, but it is a great idea to call your local senior center to see what your town or county may offer.

Here are a few examples of ride services:

Area IV Agency: An agency that has listings of senior transportation options throughout Indiana.

Boone County Senior Transportation: One of many examples of countywide senior transportation programs.

Hendricks County Senior Services: Another example of a county with senior transportation options.

Additional Resources

Indiana Department of Transportation

More Resources

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