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Arkansas Senior Housing

Read about the local resources that can help you find senior housing in Arkansas.

Arkansas - Housing Resources

When you decide a senior housing facility is the right choice for your aging loved one, picking the right facility becomes an enormous focus. With so many options available, it will help you to first determine your loved one's medical needs and ability to live independently. All residences are not created equal; they are all specifically constructed to cater to certain levels of care.

Nursing Homes

If your loved one needs consistent monitoring and intensive medical care, a nursing home is a god choice. Medical treatment of residents in a skilled nursing facility must be approved by their physician and typically includes medical supervision, nursing care, and physical or occupational therapies. Nursing homes provide care services which can only be given by licensed medical personnel, surpassing the care giving capacity of assisted living facilities.

Assisted Living

If your loved one does not require the round the clock care of a nursing home, but still needs some help, they often relocate to an assisted living facility. While assisted living facilities are not licensed to provide the level of medical care available in nursing homes, they do provide multiple services facilitating patient health including grooming, bathing, feeding, taking medication, and meals.

Retirement Communities

When their advanced age makes it uncomfortable to live in their longtime home, but institutionalized care is not needed, a retirement community might work best. Seniors often transition to communities where they can socialize with their peers, conveniently access necessary services, and peacefully enjoy retirement. Discuss retirement community options with the senior in your life to determine what is best for them.

Read about the differences between home care and nursing home care.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRCs, allows seniors to receive a continuum of care as they age without moving to another place. A CCRI integrates all levels of care into one living community by constructing accessible independent living, assisted living, and nursing home facilities.

The Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services' Division of Aging and Adult Services offers information about different housing options.

More Resources

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