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Alaska Senior Housing

Read about the local resources that can help you find senior housing in Alaska.

Alaska - Housing Resources

Due to the rising senior population in the state, there are several different housing options for seniors in Alaska. The most common are assisted living facilities and nursing homes, but other options include adult day care facilities, village communities, andcontinuing care retirement communities(CCRCs). To help you figure out which type is right for you and your family, we've listed the differences between assisted living facilities and nursing homes below:

Assisted Living Facilities: These facilities are ideal for seniors who can no longer live at home, yet do not need professional nursing care. Residents usually require assistance with personal care, nursing supervision, medication monitoring, social opportunities, meals, housekeeping, and support services, but do not need the full-time care of nursing home residents.

Nursing Homes: In thesenursing home facilities, 24-hour skilled nursing care is available to residents who require medical attention. Skilled care means nursing or rehabilitation staff is needed to manage, observe, and evaluate one's care. An example of skilled nursing care includes administering IVs, injections, infusion therapy, and wound care plus medication management.

Check the current senior housing facility rates for Alaska by visiting Genworth.comLong Term Cost of Care Guide.

Additional resources in Alaska senior housing:

Alaska Housing: The Senior Housing Office exists to help seniors in Alaska find and obtain senior housing. They work closely with other public and private agencies to educate seniors about housing resources and respond to seniors' housing needs.

AARP Alaska: The Alaskan AARP works to assists its seniors by hosting seminars, providing resources about Social Security, and providing discounts and benefits to resources across the state. Visit their website to find out how you can become a member and have access to their programs and resources.

Alaska Home Care

For some families, your loved one may opt to live at home and have a qualifiedhome aideornursing assistantcome in and assist them. If you would like to learn more about home care resources in Alaska, visit the Alaska Home Care.

More Resources

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To search forhome care servicesin major Alaskan cities and towns, click on the cities near you:

Alaska Care
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