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Mississippi Home Care

Find caregivers and in-home aides to help your loved one in Mississippi.

Mississippi - Home Care

When a family finds their loved one can no longer live safely at home, many begin to look at senior care facilities like nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Some families feel their senior would do best in their own home with some assistance and, if this is the case, home care may be the best option.

What is Home Care?

Home Care allows a senior to remain at home and receive assistance in familiar surroundings. There are two types of home care: skilled medical care and non-medical care and each serves two very different needs. For the senior who is comfortable living at home but needs help with daily tasks like dressing, bathing, grocery shopping, or light cleaning, non-medical home care would serve their needs well. But if your loved one requires medical treatment like injections, wound care, medication administration, then skilled medical home care, in which visiting nurses perform such tasks, would be their best choice.

While searching for home care be sure that you and your family look into as many options as possible. A careful, thorough search for home will undoubtedly provide quality results.

Mississippi Home Care Resources

Mississippi Association for Home Care: an organization that regulates home care and assists families in their search for quality home care.

More Resources

Looking for quality senior care in Mississippi? Take a look at the local pages below.

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