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Georgia Home Care

Find caregivers and in-home aides to help your loved one in Georgia.

Georgia - Home Care

As a loved one ages, there often comes a time when senior care or assistance must be discussed. Some families choose to find an assisted living facility or nursing homes, while others, who would rather not relocate their elderly family member, choose to seek out home care.Home careis a care program in which a visiting caregiver attends to a patient at his or her own home on a daily basis. Care programs vary quite a bit in intensity and there are two types of home care (medical and non-medical).

For seniors who require medical treatment on a frequent basis and must be monitored, medical home care is the most likely option for them. Medical home caregivers provide hospital-level treatment in the home of their patient. Treatments can range from pain relief to infusion therapy. Medical home care is the right choice for a family who is not interested in a nursing home, but need medical assistance for their elderly loved one. Non-medical home care is the best option for a senior who does not require intensive medical treatment, but does need assistance in day-to-day activity. Non-medical home caregivers perform various tasks ranging from assistance with chores and errands to bathing and dressing assistance to medication reminders; the duties of a caregiver depends on what they are certified to do.

Georgia Home Care Resources

The state of Georgia has several home care resources:

Georgia Association for Home Health Agencies: Representatives of Medicare approved home health care providers. Helps families find agencies in their area and provides helpful links and resources.

More Resources

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Looking for quality senior care in Georgia? Take a look at the local pages below.

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