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Arkansas Home Care

Find caregivers and in-home aides to help your loved one in Arkansas.

Arkansas-Home Care

For many seniors, declining health makes it difficult for them to complete household tasks and maintain their personal care. Eventually, it becomes impossible for them to continue living independently. If you face such a situation with the senior in your life, you may wonder: now what? For many, Home Care is the perfect solution to this senior health dilemma. It gives seniors access to the care they need in the comfort of their own home. In Arkansas, not only is there a selection of top-notch home care agencies, but also plenty of state resources to make it easy for the elderly to stay at home. Struggling to assess your loved one's ability to live independently? Be sure to check out 10 Signs Your Parents Need Outside Help.

Home Care

Seniors have access to two types of home care - skilled medical home care or non-medical home care. Non-medical home care assists seniors with personal care and household chores, but offers no medical services beyond medication reminders. If your loved one requires regular medical monitoring, consider skilled medical home health care which allows visiting nurses to administer to medical needs such as pain relief, medication administration, or wound care. Both types of home care strive to give seniors the care they need while still respecting their sense of independence.

Elder Choices

Arkansas understands the emotional and financial burdens institutionalized care places on seniors and their families. In response, the Arkansas Division of Aging and Adult Services developed ElderChoices, a Medicaid home and community-based waiver program which aims to prevent or delay senior's entrance into a nursing facility. ElderChoices offers the following services to make it easier for seniors to stay at home:

? Homemaker-performs light housekeeping duties including laundry, shopping and meal preparation

? Chore-completes extreme housework and yard maintenance when a senior's home is at risk of being uninhabitable

? Meal delivery-supplies one nutritious meal a day to home of a senior unable to prepare their own meal

? Personal Emergency Response System-installs 24-hour alarm system enabling homebound person to call for help in the event of an emergency.

? Adult Day Care-provides daytime supervision for elderly in a social group setting

? Respite-gives primary caregivers periodic relief from their long-term duties

? Adult Family Homes-provides family living environment for seniors who are extremely impaired

? Adult Companion-assist seniors with activities of daily living and housework in the absence of family and when such services are essential to senior health

To be eligible for ElderChoices, Arkansas residents must be 65 and meet certain medical and financial criteria. Encourage the senior in your life to apply to ElderChoices and liberate themselves from institutionalized care.

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