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Indiana Benefits

Find resources in Indiana to help you understand which benefits you and your senior can access.

Indiana - Benefits
Senior care is very expensive, but there are often options that serve to partially or fully cover the costs of this care.  During your care search make sure to look into every financial option, including retirement or insurance plans, to avoid missing out on potential savings.

Health Insurance Options
There are a number of different options in Indiana that may help to cover the cost of senior care.  Even if a senior is already covered, it is important to understand what each coverage plan entails.

  • Private Plans: Private plans are typically the most expensive, but also can be sought out based on more specific criteria.
  • Employer Coverage: Many organizations include senior care coverage in their retirement plans.  These options are often more cost effective and can vary quite a bit.  Be sure to inquire about such plans with any of your aging loved one's former or current employer.
  • Non-Employer Group Coverage: In some cases, groups like churches or fraternal organizations offer some sort of coverage or assistance.  Veterans are also often eligible for some form of coverage.
  • Medicare: Medicare covers a large portion of senior medical costs, but there are very specific guidelines for eligibility.  To check if you are eligible take a look at the Medicare Eligibility Tool from www.medicare.gov.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid, which is based more on income than Medicare, also has very particular guidelines.  To learn more about Indiana Medicaid visit the Indiana Medicaid webpage. (http://www.indianamedicaid.com...)
  • Indiana Senior Health Insurance Program: Indiana SHIP is a program that assists seniors in selecting the correct coverage plans and provides many resources for seniors involving health care.  Check out their website. (http://www.in.gov/idoi/2508.ht...)

For more information take a look at these resources:
Indiana Health Care Association: An organization that represents nursing homes, assisted living, and adult daycare facilities in Indiana.
Medicare: Information regarding Medicare and Medicare eligibility.
Medicaid: Information regarding Medicaid and Medicaid eligibility.

For more general information on Medicare and Medicaid check out our helpful article on these two coverage options.

More Resources

Senior Care Guide: Care.com's comprehensive guide to senior care that helps readers understand senior care options by describing each option in detail and answering frequently asked questions.

For more information on senior healthcare, visit our Articles and Resources page.      

Looking for quality senior care in Indiana? Take a look at the local pages below.


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