Short Films for Kids on Youtube

Rick in Miami, FL
Nov. 3, 2017

My two youngsters love this collection of movies. They are short enough for the attention span of very young children and are a great way to calm them down whilst they wait for dinner, a bath to be run or if they are just having a bad day!

I use a Chromecast to play Youtube videos on our television - it's an inexpensive way to convert your TV into something like a "Smart TV", but whatever internet-enabled media set up you have will work, of course.

It would be great if anyone could let me know of any short films I could add to this list.

Click here for the full playlist on Youtube.

Big Buck Bunny (9:57)

Cupidon (5:47)

Pigeon: Impossible (6:14)

Caminandes: Gran Dillama (2:27)

Fishing With Sam (5:54)

Monkaa (6:03)

Fugu (1:22)


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