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New York Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in New York.

New York - Hospice Care

Hospice Care

When a loved one receives a life-limiting diagnosis from a doctor, a family's attention often shifts from aggressive medical treatment to making the end of life comfortable. Many families start to consider Hospice care which focuses on making individuals as comfortable as possible as they near the end of their life, rather than beginning new medical treatments. Hospice care, which can be done in an individual's home, in a nursing home or even in a hospice wing of a hospital, offers palliative care but individuals have access to nursing or medical care around the clock.

To decide if Hospice is right for your loved one, read Care.com's article on the pros and cons of hospice care. Our site offers connections to local hospice centers, senior caregivers, support groups and services, and organizations dedicated to end-of-life care.

More Resources

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Looking for quality home care in New York? Check out the local pages below.

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