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New Jersey Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in New Jersey.

New Jersey - Hospice Care

Many people choose not to discuss end-of-life topics because it is a difficult issue to raise, but the more you have in place with your family member now, the easier the transition will be when the time comes to make decisions.


Hospice is end-of-life care that emphasizes quality of life. Patients who choose hospice care have often received a life-limiting diagnosis, no longer want to undergo painful treatments, and would rather spend their final days in a familiar place with those they love. A hospice care team accommodates the individual's wishes and makes their final days as happy and comfortable as possible.

Changes in New Jersey End-of-Life Care

New Jersey legislators have proposed a package that has three mandates:

? The state must create a document that enables patients to indicate their preferences regarding life-sustaining treatment

? The state needs to come up with a way to help determine how to best care for patients who lack decision-making capacity and have no family available to assist them

? The state must create an advisory council to conduct a comprehensive study on the quality and cost-effectiveness of end of life care services and how easily they can be accessed

This proposal is currently under review and will soon be voted on. If passed, end of life decisions would come with more clarification for New Jersey families.

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