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Massachusetts Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts - Hospice Care

Hospice Care

When an individual has a life limiting diagnosis with six months or less to live, a family may consider hospice care. Hospice does not provide treatment, but provides palliative care, nursing care, personal care services, access to 24-hour medical staff, clergy or other religious officials available for support, grief and bereavement counseling. Hospice allows the family to spend quality time with their loved one. Hospice can take place in an individual's home, an assisted living community or a nursing home. To find out if Hospice is right for you, check out Care.com's article on the pros and cons of hospice care. Our site can connect you to local hospice centers, senior caregivers, support groups and services, and organizations dedicated to end-of-life care.

Massachusetts End of Life Care

Massachusetts is currently pushing to make End of Life Care a stronger and more supportive system for residents. Their goals include the following:

? As early as possible, every person with a life limiting diagnosis or serious illness should be fully informed of the range of supportive services available to them.

? If an individual has preferences on the way they wish to receive care, these preferences should be known, documented, and always available when decisions are going to be made. This is known as a living will.

? A patient's preferences should always be respected.

More Resources

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