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Louisiana Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in Louisiana.

Louisiana - Hospice

Making end-of-life preparations for a loved one is always an emotional and stressful time. Planning may seem daunting but if you can do it, the time you put in now will give you extra time to spend with your loved one when it is so important.


Many families find Hospice , to be the best match for their loved one's end-of-life care wishes. Hospice focuses on a senior's comfort and calmness in whatever setting the individual chooses - a private home, a nursing home, or a hospice facility - in favor of intensive medical treatment. Staff works around the clock administering palliative care to keep individuals pain free and at ease as they approach their final days.

Louisiana Hospice Resources

Louisiana-Mississippi Hospice & Palliative Care Organization: Helpful resources and assistance to Louisiana families during their search for hospice care.

LHC Group: An organization that assists Louisiana families in their search for quality senior care.

Palliative Care Institute of Southeast Louisiana: An informational site on hospice and palliative care with some helpful resources.

St. Joseph Hospice: A hospice organization that serves many areas in Louisiana.

Care.com End of Life Care Guide: About Hospice Care: This care guide explains what hospice care is, who qualifies for this care, the cost and benefits of hospice care, and gives some important questions to guide your search for care.

HospiceNet: Resources for those who may be in need of hospice care. Includes information for caregivers, patients, children, and grief; a one stop resource guide to hospice care.

Cancer.org Hospice Information: Educational information regarding the search for hospice care and more. This is a step-by-step guide understanding, paying for, and finding suitable hospice care.

Hospice Foundation of America: Nation wide end-of-life care resources including descriptions of hospice care, end-of-life care information, and grief resources.

End-of-life preparations are never easy to think about, talk about, or deal with, especially when senior health issues or terminal illness is a factor. Despite this difficulty, it is always best for a family to prepare themselves early on. A well-prepared family will have an easier time finding closure rather than working to figure out care plans at the last minute.

More Resources

Looking for quality senior care in Louisiana? Take a look at the local pages below.

New Orleans
Lake Charles
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