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Iowa Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in Iowa.

Iowa - Hospice

When a loved one receives a diagnosis of six months or less to live, families often begin thinking about end-of-life care. While the decision is emotional and distressing for all, making a plan for the care that matches your loved one's wishes will make your loved one more comfortable. Iowa residents have access to premier hospice organizations and reputable end-of-life resources. By ensuring your loved one has the best care possible, you can be there for them when they most need you.


There are many emotional and personal factors involved in choosing Hospice. Many choose hospice because they believe it is the best way to preserve dignity in dying. Rather than be at the mercy of hospital treatments, patients have control in creating a personalized care plan with the hospice teams. Hospice can serve patients in a number of locations, whether it's in their homes, hospitals, or residential hospice facilities. Everything about hospice, from its flexibility of location to its holistic approach to care, reflects a goal of putting the patient first and striving to make the end-of-life as comfortable as possible.

Iowa is home to plenty of high-quality hospice care providers. Iowa Hospice is the state's largest hospice provider with locations in 90 counties. Iowa Hospice nurtures the whole person by offering spiritual support and respite services in addition to medical care. Hospice of Central Illinois is another excellent option for those of you who live in Des Moines or any other city in central Iowa. A non-profit healthcare organization renowned for its service since 1978, HCI offers ExtraCare Services assisting with activities of daily living as well as grief counseling. If you want more in-depth information about hospice care, the Hospice & Palliative Care Association of Iowa is an excellent resource.

Visit the Hospice Foundation of America for more educational resources or read Care.com's article The Pros and Cons of Hospice.

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