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Illinois Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in Illinois.

Illinois - Hospice

Illinois is a state with a unique sensitivity to end-of-life care and there are many hospices and resources at residents' disposal. Review of the resources below will prepare you to make informed decisions and provide optimum end-of-life care for your loved one.


Hospice is a type of end-of-life care which emphasizes quality rather than quantity of life. Patients have control over their care plan which can be carried out in any location including their own home. This personalized approach makes their end-of-life as comfortable as possible. A comprehensive care team-typically a physician, nurse, home health aide, social worker, and a chaplain-work together to nurture every aspect of the patient's well-being. If hospice seems like the best option for your loved one's end-of-life-care, there is no shortage of high-quality hospices in Illinois.

Horizon Hospice & Palliative Care: Chicago's first hospice, Horizon provides care for between 130 and 140 patients a day per day and is licensed to serve patients in Cook, Will, DuPage and Lake counties. If you live in the area,

Adventist St. Thomas Hospice: Located in Hinsdale, it provides grief counseling in addition to its hospice services.

Illinois Coalition for Improving End of Life Care
Hospice Foundation of America
Hospice Directory

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