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California Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in California.

California - Hospice

When a family begins to think about end-of-life care for a terminally ill loved one, comfort becomes a high priority when a cure is not possible. Families often dread planning for end-of-life care, but if they can do it sooner rather than later, it will actually offer relief to their loved one and offer peace of mind to the family.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospicecan be in-home or in a facility, and is intended not to treat or cure a terminally ill patient, but rather to treat symptoms and make patients comfortable in a positive environment. Hospice is intended only for patients who are expected to have only six months or less to live.

ProfessionalHospicecare provides many services. First and foremost, professional medical care is provided 24/7. Someone is always on call to help patients. Another service is pain management. At all times, hospice caretakers work to reduce pain as much as possible. While pain is managed, hospices make sure patients are able to be as alert as possible and are able to participate in decision-making that will impact their life.

Medicare Eligibility for Hospice

According to medicare.gov, in the state of California, Medicare will cover hospice if one is eligible for Medicare Part A, one's doctor and hospice medical director certify that one is terminally ill and probably have less than six months to live, one signs a statement choosing hospice care instead of routine Medicare covered benefits for your terminal illness (keep in mind that Medicare will still pay for your covered services that are not related to your terminal illness), and you get care from a Medicare-approved hospice program. To find a hospice near you, search by county on the California Hospice and Palliative Care website.

Other resources include the Verdugo Hospice Care Center in Los Angeles, the Zen Hospice Project and Hospice by the Bay in San Francisco, and the San Diego Hospice and Institute for Palliative Medicine in San Diego.

Also, Care.com features a personal story from a Care.com expert on Hospice Care, and a Pro's and Con's list for Hospice Care.

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