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32 Surprising Senior Discounts

Kristy in Waltham, MA
March 20, 2018

Senior citizens can take advantage of these cost-saving discounts on clothes, food and lodging.

If you're over the age of 50, you should start cashing in on the many senior discounts available. Many stores offer their senior shoppers some form of a deal, but it's often available only on a specific day of the week or during certain times of the day. Here's a handy list of discounts to get you started.

Note: Discounts change regularly and may vary for national chains, so check with individual stores to confirm details and age requirements.

Apparel, Retail and Thrift Stores

Before you head out with friends or family for some clothes shopping, do a little leg work ahead of time to locate the stores offering discounts.

  • Big Lots: 10 percent off daily
  • Bon-Ton Department Stores: 15 percent off on senior discount days (55+)
  • Goodwill: 10 percent off one day a week (date varies by location)
  • Hallmark: 10 percent off one day a week (date varies by location)
  • Kmart: Up to 20 percent off prescriptions (Gold K) (50+); some stores offer merchandise discounts as well
  • Kohl's: 15 percent off discount every Wednesday (60+)
  • Modell's Sporting Goods: 10 percent off
  • Rite Aid: 10 percent off on Tuesdays and 10 percent off prescriptions daily
  • Ross Stores: 10 percent off every Tuesday (55+)

Grocery Stores

In today's economy, every little bit helps, especially when purchasing daily necessities. With a pre-shopping plan, seniors can save on paper towels, bread and Fluffy's cat food at a variety of their favorite stores.

  • Albertsons: 10 percent off first Wednesday of each month (55+)
  • American Discount Stores: 10 percent off Mondays (50+)
  • Compare Foods Supermarket: 10 percent off Wednesdays (60+)
  • Fry's Supermarket: Free VIP Club membership and 10 percent off Mondays (55+)
  • Gristedes Supermarket: 10 percent off Tuesdays (60+)
  • Kroger: 10 percent off (date varies by location)
  • Publix: 5 percent off Wednesdays (55+)


Most restaurants offer their more experienced customers a senior menu with smaller portions or a straight percentage off the total bill. Early diners may save more by eating during early-bird hours, ordering a late afternoon meal from the lunch menu or splitting an entrée to leave room for dessert.

  • Arby's: 10 percent off (55+)
  • Ben & Jerry's: 10 percent off (60+)
  • Burger King: 10 percent off daily, value meal excluded (60+)
  • Carl's Jr.: 10 percent off daily (55+)
  • Denny's: 10 percent off or 20 percent off for AARP members (55+)
  • Golden Corral: 10 percent off daily (60+)
  • IHOP: 10 percent off (55+)
  • KFC: Free small drink with any meal (55+)
  • Krispy Kreme: 10 percent off (50+).
  • Taco Bell: 5 percent off and free beverages (65+)
  • TCBY: 10 percent off (55+)
  • Wendy's: 10 percent off daily (55+)
  • White Castle: 10 percent off (62+)


Many seniors might not think about a weekend away as an opportunity to save money. However, with savings options at some mainstream hotels, destinations can be endless. Plan a night or two elsewhere and bring your partner, friends or family along.

  • Best Western: 10 percent off (55+)
  • Holiday Inn: 10-30 percent off, varies by location (62+)
  • Marriott: 15 percent off (62+)

Join senior organizations like AARP or your local senior citizen center, to nab other deals as well.

Kristy Stevens-Young is a freelance writer in Seattle. 

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