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7 Types of Tutors

Carol Ruth Weber
July 21, 2017

Learn about the different tutors who can help your child with homework, test prep and academic success.



Tutoring is no longer just the test prep tutor many families are familiar with. There are lots of options out there to help your student through every stage of the academic process. Every child has different needs, and there are tutors out there to help.

Here is a look at different types of tutors your child might benefit from.

  1. Pre-K Tutors
    Pre-K tutors get 4 and 5 year olds ready to enter kindergarten by encouraging children to want to read and love learning. This type of tutor will help a child learn patience while listening to a story -- many will act out the story with puppets and get the children involved in the storytelling. Through storytelling, a Pre-K child will begin learning the alphabet and basic phonics skills. The main goal at this age is improved comprehension and increased vocabulary.

  2. Elementary Tutors
    Elementary tutors help elementary-aged children meet increasingly difficult learning needs and get through the first foray into standardized tests. The elementary grades lay the groundwork for middle and high school, and you can find a tutor to help with subjects such as math, reading, science, social studies and even art and music.

  3. General Tutors
    Middle and high schoolers gearing up to prepare for upper level school applications can benefit from a general tutor. As the child enters middle school, more intensive tutoring may be required. A general tutor can support your child's needs in a broad range of subjects, helping them stay on top if their work and study for tests.

  4. Special Education Tutors
    These tutors can help further the education of your special-needs child by utilizing strategies especially designed for their unique needs. These tutors often hold degrees in special education and offer specialized services for children with autism, dyslexia, speech or language issues and other special needs. Special education tutors can work with a range of ages and abilities.

  5. Specialty Subject Tutors
    Specialty tutors provide extra help to high schoolers in a specific subject. A student who dreams of becoming an engineer, for instance, may want to concentrate on math in order to land their first-choice college. Specialty tutors are also great for high schoolers or new college students who may need a little extra help in advanced-placement courses.

  6. Test-Prep Tutors
    These tutors can assist children of any age in preparing for standardized tests, or specialized admissions tests. Once used primarily for high school students preparing for college entrance exams, it is not unheard of for parents to have their children -- even preschool aged -- tutored for admissions tests to gifted and talented programs or specialized schools. 

  7. Homework Helper
    Sometimes you just someone to help your child get through the day-to-day homework challenges. You don't need intensive tutoring, just some basic homework assistance. In which case, learn about the more cost-effective solution of hiring a homework helper by reading Do You Need a Homework Helper? 

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