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5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Always Be Recruiting

If you recruit well and have a hiring pipeline, you'll never feel pressured to fill a position with a candidate you're not completely sold on.

When you have a small business whether its a small family child care center or a booming tutoring business a little known, yet hugely important, truth is that you should always be recruiting.

Why? If youre always recruiting, then youre able to always be at the ready if you are down a staffer and need someone to come aboard quickly and help out in a pinch.

Here are five reasons you should always be recruiting even if you have a small staff:

  1. Business Is Booming
    Being busy is a good problem to have, but it can be a problem nonetheless. That is, for small business owners who arent equipped to meet the increased demand. Maggie Patterson, owner of Maggies Mutts & More a doggie day care and dog-walking business in Caldwell, New Jersey, knows this from experience. Thats why Patterson likes to have backup on hand in case she business booms and she gets a run on dog owners needing her services. Because that backup and the ability to deliver high-level service can mean the difference between winning a new client and losing a potential customer because you couldnt meet the demand.
  2. In Case of Emergency
    Being a business owner means always being prepared. Part of that preparedness is building up a pipeline of potential employees, even if youre running a lean operation with only a few employees. For example, if you or a member of your staff have a family emergency or cant perform the required type of work due to unforeseen circumstances, being able to bring on qualified help in a pinch can help to avoid any drop-off in services.
  3. Keeping Your Edge
    The care business can be super competitive, with similar businesses constantly competing for new clients. Thats why its so important to be adaptable. If you run a tutoring business, you not only need to stay up to speed on all graduation and curriculum requirements, but you need to be able to find new tutors who can meet evolving client needs. If the new generation of parents expects their child care provider to offer toddler yoga, you better be able to find a new employee with that skillset. The surest way to establish your business is to be able to continually surprise and delight your clients, who will remain loyal to your business and be a fantastic source of referrals.
  4. Good Help is Hard to Find
    In care-related fields, the best employees are often the ones for whom this career path combines passion and profession. These are the people you want on your team, so when you find great candidates, stay in touch even if you dont need help immediately. Build up your professional network with people youd love to work with, so that youre not starting from scratch when something opens up.  
  5. Because You Want Your Company to Grow
    You know youre fabulous. And as the word gets out about how fabulous you are, your business is bound to grow. This is a good thing. But, when youre in the caregiving business, you know that adding clients means adding headcount especially if youre in the child care space and have to meet child adult ratios to comply with regulations.  
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