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23 Muslim Baby Names

Choosing a baby name that aligns with your beliefs is important in any culture. These 23 Muslim baby names range from classic to popular, with everything in between.

When choosing Muslim baby names, there are many factors to consider. You most likely want a name that aligns not only with your belief system, but with your family history, as well. You also need to know what the names mean before making your decision.

"Although there are not many specific modern Islamic naming ceremonies, there are naming customs that are considered important. Muslim names usually draw from the Quran and traditional Islamic texts," says baby name expert Neala Shane, the author of "Baby Names from Around the World."

"Customarily, Muslims choose names that refer to the 99 qualities of Allah as described in the Quran or that draw from the more than 500 names given to the prophet Muhammad and his family. A name with one of these qualities is considered honorable as it is seen as fulfilling the rightful desire of a true Muslim."

"To find a name with the qualities that you're truly looking for, it helps to have a map to the wide world of other-than-popular names," says Laura Wattenberg, the founder of the website Baby Name Wizard, adding that a good name should be uncommon and distinctive. Tailoring a name to your culture and beliefs may make the choice easier.

Here are 23 classic, popular and unique Muslim baby names to consider:

Muslim Baby Names For Girls

  1. Aisha, Aishah (ah-EE-shah)
    From the Arabic "a'isha" or "a'sha," this name means both "life" and "alive and well."
  2. Bahira, Bahirah, Baheera (bah-HEE-rah)
    This Muslim feminine form of Bahir, from the Arabic "bahir," means "brilliant, bright light."
  3. Fatima, Fateema (FAH-tee-mah)
    This name from the Arabic "fatama" (to wean or to abstain) means "pure, chaste, moderate, one who abstains from forbidden things" or "she who weans an infant."
  4. Habibah, Habiba (hah-BEE-bah)
    "Beloved, love" is the meaning behind this Muslim feminine form of Habib.
  5. Halima, Halimah, Haleema (hah-LEE-mah)
    This name means "gentle, patient." It is the Muslim feminine form of Haleem.
  6. Hasana, Hassana (hah-SAH-nah)
    The Muslim feminine form of Hasan, from the Arabic "hasan" or "hasuna," this name means "beautiful, good."
  7. Kamila, Kamilah (kah-MIH-lah)
    The Muslim feminine form of Kamil, from the Arabic "kamula," means "perfected, complete."
  8. Latifah, Lateefa (lah-TEE-fah)
    "Kind, gentle, gracious, courteous" define this name, which is the Muslim feminine form of Latif.
  9. Nur, Noor (noor)
    This Muslim name, from the Arabic "nur," means "light, illumination."
  10. Sabira, Sabeera (sah-BEE-rah)
    The Muslim feminine form of Sabir, from the Arabic "sabara" (to endure), means "patient, tolerant."
  11. Shakilah, Shakeela (shah-KEE-lah)
    The Muslim feminine form of Shakil means "beautiful, lovely."
  12. Yasmeen, Yasmin (yahs-MEEN)
    From the Arabic "yasamin," this name means "jasmine flower, jasmine fragrance."

Muslim Baby Names For Boys

  1. Adil, Adeel (ah-DEEL)
    This name meaning "honest, truthful" comes from the Arabic "adala" (to act justly).
  2. Fahim, Faheem (fah-HEEM)It means "educated, knowledgeable."
  3. Hafiz, Haafiz (HAH-feez)
    From the Arabic "hafiz," this name means "guardian, protector."
  4. Hakim, Hakeem (HAH-keem)
    Meaning "just, judicious," this name comes from the Arabic "hakama" or "hakim."
  5. Hasan, Hassan (HAH-sahn)
    From the Arabic "hasuna" or "hasan," this name means "good, handsome."
  6. Jalal, Jalaal (JAH-lahl)
    Meaning "great, illustrious, exalted," this name comes from the Arabic "jalla."
  7. Karim, Kareem (kah-REEM)
    From the Arabic "karuma," it means "generous, charitable, noble."
  8. Muhammad, Mohammad (moo-HAH-med, moh-HAH-med)
    "The belief that angels pray in every house where there is a Muhammad (or variation of that name) makes this name the most common in the Muslim world. Muslim names also relate to religious matters, nature, virtues or occupations," says Shane. The popular name from the Arabic "hamida" or "mahmud" means "praiseworthy, honored."
  9. Rashid, Raashid (RAH-sheed)
    From the Arabic "rashada," it means "rightly guided."
  10. Shakir, Shakeer (shah-KEER)
    Meaning "thankful, grateful," this name comes from the Arabic "shakara."
  11. Zahir, Zaheer (zah-HEER)
    This name means "helper, supporter."

Once a name is chosen, some Muslim families partake in a special ceremony, says Shane. "One interesting naming tradition, known as an 'aqeeqah,' is held on the seventh day after the baby's birth. The infant's head is shaved and covered with saffron," she says. "The hair is weighed, and the equivalent in money of the hair's weight in gold is given to charity. A goat or lamb is sacrificed on behalf of the child, giving thanks to Allah for the gift of the child. The meat is then distributed to the poor."

Christina Montoya Fiedler is a Los Angeles-based parenting writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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