51 Mexican baby names for boys and girls — and what they mean

Aug. 8, 2017
51 Mexican baby names for boys and girls — and what they mean

It seems like everyone has a pretty strong opinion about what you should and shouldn't name your child. In addition, tradition and family connections play a big part in choosing Mexican baby names. So, how do you go about finding the right name — or at least the one that pleases you?

"It can be difficult to find the 'right' name because a name has deep meaning behind it and it says a lot about that person," says Dr. Candice P. Cooper, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Fayetteville, GA. "Your name is a part of who you are and your destiny. In a lot of cultures, including Latino, finding the right name is taken very seriously."

When choosing a Mexican name, Neala Shane, author of Inspired Baby Names from Around the World said that "many parents choose names from the list of Catholic saints, with one of the most popular names being Maria for a girl and Jesus for a boy."

It's also common to use diminutives by adding the suffix ito, itaito or ita. For example, Carmela becomes Carmelita, and Juanita is derived from the feminine form of Juan (meaning God is gracious), Shane notes. A double-surname is also used by many Mexican families, including one from the father and one from the mother, resulting in a long legal name. Many Latino women also keep their maiden names, although some add their husband's name to their own surname.

Here are the top 51 Mexican names for your little bundle of joy — 26 for the girls and 25 for the boys.

Mexican names for girls

Name Pronunciation Name Meaning and/or Origin
Abril ah-BREEL Spanish for the month April, this name symbolizes the season of spring, a time for growth.
Adelita ah-de-LEE-tə Adelita is a strong name that means noble and kind.
Aitana AAAY-tae-NAH Taking after the Sierra de Aitana mountain range in Spain, Aitana means "strong as a mountain."
Belicia Bey-LIY-Siy-aa Similar to the word belle, this name means beautiful girl or woman.
Blanca BLAHN-kah This classic name means "white" or "fair."
Conseja kohn-SAY-hah For your wise child, this unique name means "counselor" or "adviser."
Elena ee-LAY-na For the light of your life, this name means shining light or bright one.
Esmerelda ayss-may-RAHL-dah Got a green-eyed girl? Esmerelda is a popular name and means "emerald, deep green color" or "beautiful gemstone."
Evita e-VEE-tah A classic name derived from Eva, from the Latin name Eve, which is the Hebrew word for "life."
Francisca frahn-SEES- kah Derived from the name Frances meaning French, from France, or free one.
Guadalupe gwah-dah-LOO-pay Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico. This traditional name also means "valley of the wolf."
Juanita hwah-NEE-tah The feminine form of Juan or John, this popular name means "God is gracious; God is giving."
Leticia le-TEE-syah A variation of the name Letitia, this name means "full of happiness and joy."
Margarita mahr-gah-REE- tah Like a pretty blossom, Margarita means "daisy flower" in Spanish.
Maria mah-REE-ah Maria means "rebellion" or "bitter" but don't let that deter you. With a confident name like Maria, your child is sure to grow up to be a warrior.
Mercedes mayr-SAY-dehs Mercedes is a unique name that means "merciful, compassionate."
Micaela Miy-KEY-Laa A name of Hebrew origin, Michael is the feminine version of Michael that means "gift from God."
Paloma pah-LOH-mah Great for a peaceful child, Paloma, another unique name, means "dove" or "dove-like."
Piedad pee-ah-DAHD Piedad, a classic name, means "merciful, compassionate and kind."
Rosamaria roh-zah-mah-REE-ə Rosamaria is a variant of the Spanish word "rosa" which means pink. The perfect name for your princess.
Silvia SEEL-byah For your Earth goddess, Silvia is Latin for "from the forest."
Teresa teh-RAY-sə Teresa is a popular name in many cultures, including Mexican, that means "one who reaps" and is often associated with Mother Teresa.
Valentina va-lin-TEE-na Valentina is the female version of the Roman name Valentinus, which comes from the Latin word "valens" and means "healthy, strong."
Valeria VAL-ə-ree Give your fearless little one a strong name to carry them through life. Valeria is a Latin name that means "brave."
Violeta vy-o-LET-ah Violeta is of Latin origin and means "violet, a shade of purple." The color purple is often associated with power and ambition.
Ynez ee-NAYZ Derived from a Greek word, Ynez, a popular girls' name, means "pure one" or "chaste.


Mexican names for boys 

Name Pronunciation Name Meaning and/or Origin
Alejandro ah-lay-HAHN-droh This classic strong name means "guardian" or "helper and protector of humankind."
Angel AHN-khel This heavenly unisex name is commonly given to males in Spanish-speaking countries and means "messenger of God."
Antonio ahn-TO-nyo This uplifting name means "beyond praise."
Arturo ahr-TUW-ro Of Gaelic origin, Arturo means "strong as a bear."
Carlos KAR-los The Spanish name for Charles, this popular name means "one who is free" or "free man."
Diego dee-EH-goh This popular name means to "transform" or become a "successor."
Eduardo eh-DWAHR-doh Eduardo, means "wealthy guardian, protector of that which is valuable" — and your baby is definitely that.
Enrique ehn-REE-kay Meaning "ruler of the home, house leader," Enrique is a strong, classic name.
Felipe fay-LEE-pay Want a name with a unique meaning? Felipe means "lover of horses."
Fernando fer-NAHN-do Fernando is a form of the name Ferdinand, which means "journey, brave, and daring."
Francisco frahn-SEES-koh Want your child to feel independent? Francisco means "one who is free."
Javier hah-VYER Javier is the Spanish form of Xavier meaning "new house."
Jose hoh-SAY This popular Mexican baby name means "God will add." Your little Jose will be in good graces.
Jorge HOR-khe This timeless classic spans across many cultures but in Spanish, the name Jorge means "farmer."
Juan HWAHN The Spanish form of John, this popular name means "God is gracious; God is giving."
Luis loo-EES This classic name is perfect for your little fighter. It means "famous warrior, renowned in battle."
Manuel mah-NWEL Manuel is of Hebrew origin but is primarily used in Spanish-speaking countries, meaning "God in us."
Marco MAHR-ko Derived from the Italian form of Marcus, Marco means "Mars" for the Roman god of war.
Miguel mee-GEL This divine name means "God-like."
Pablo PAH-bloh Your little buttercup has the perfect moniker in Pablo, which means "small, little."
Pedro PAY-droh This unique name will give your child strength. It means "rock, stone."
Rafael rah-fah-EL     An invigorating name, Rafael means "God has healed."
Raul ra-OOL     Babies may be small but they are mighty. Empower a boy with a name like Raul, which means "strong."
Ricardo ree-KAHR-do Like the name Raul, Ricardo means "strong" and also "powerful ruler."
Roberto ro-BER-to Is your child the light of your life? Give them a superstar name like Roberto, meaning "shining fame."
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