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21 Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Jennifer Kelly Geddes
June 19, 2017

Your baby boy's room doesn't have to be plain blue. Here are 21 fresh and fabulous nursery ideas.

As the nursery rhyme says, snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails are a part of your little boy's DNA. But your baby boy nursery ideas don't have to be nearly as cliched. Your baby's nursery needn't be 10 shades of blue, nor must they showcase a bed shaped like a fire engine.

Christa O'Leary, an interior designer and the author of "Home in Harmony," says to think outside the box and use real items kids love (or that you hope they'll love when they're bigger). "My son is into hockey and baseball, so I cut down hockey sticks to use as drapery rods and added baseballs to the ends as finials," she explains. Or take a page from Deborah Burnett, an interior designer in Davis, California. "Decorating your child's room is a creative outlet for parents," she says. The bottom line? Design a room you'll both be happy with.

Here are 21 inspirational baby boy nursery ideas:

  1. Go Gray
    This cool color is a perfect boy shade. Cheery birds and a chevron print break up the gray with bright pops of yellow.
  2. Go on a Subtle Safari
    A muted palette works well with textured wall decor and printed pillows, as seen in this safari design.
  3. Find a Focal Point
    The eye is drawn to a room's distinctive feature. Here, it's the birch trees that appear to "grow" out of the crib.
  4. Set Sail
    Nautical themes are popular for boys, but you don't have to go overboard. In this sweet room, a simple sailboat mobile sets the tone.
  5. Consider Fabrics
    The right texture announces a male theme as with this denim rocking chair, which is rugged and strong (just like your baby boy!).
  6. Be Bright
    When paired with masculine gray, rainbow colors really pop.
  7. Join the Circus
    Animals are a slam-dunk theme. In this mostly white design, circus creatures like elephants and a giraffe are sprinkled around (but they don't overwhelm).
  8. Think like a Swede
    Blond polished floors, along with the changing table's panel and wooden picture frames, give this nursery a Scandinavian feel. The minty paint is also a unique color for a boy.
  9. Scale Back
    Less is more, as shown in this white-on-white nursery.
  10. Cover a Wall
    An accent wall with fabulous paper is all you need to create a special room. This interlocking chain print in a neutral shade definitely says "boy."
  11. Call it Clay
    Beige doesn't have to be boring. It's more delicate than gray, but it has the same masculine feeling. This quiet color pairs well with bright white and rich textures.
  12. Opt for Orange
    Pretty teal accents marry beautifully with this vivid orange carpet. You could also swap in a bright green or yellow throw rug for the same effect.
  13. Put a Bird on It
    Love butterflies? Or monkeys? Go to town with any animal. This nursery features paper cranes -- on the wall and as a mobile.
  14. Rock Some Red
    "My favorite coordinating colors are navy and red," says O'Leary. Check out this sleek design with dark walls and a bold crimson rug.
  15. Go Pro
    A paint expert can help you sift through the dozens of whites on the market. O'Leary likes Benjamin Moore's Elmira White. "This looks great with vibrant tones like turquoise and lime green," she says. Incorporate this quirky color scheme with a nursery like this.
  16. Upcycle
    Transform something old into a unique piece. For example, unused toys or torn book pages can become art for your boy's room.
  17. Mount a Mirror
    Boys like to look at themselves, too! A colorful mirror is the perfect accessory.
  18. Frame It
    Don't want to commit to a full wall of paper? Inserting boyish patterns in simple frames is a great alternative. "I like to arrange an odd number of family photos on a wall near the baby's crib," says Burnett.
  19. Unroll a Rug
    Announce your theme in a bold way with this fantastic statement-making carpet.
  20. Update the Knobs
    Adorable drawer pulls can be found almost everywhere and are far cheaper than buying a new dresser. These rough rope ones hit the right note.
  21. Stash Books
    A boyish flair can be achieved with these painted wooden crates.

Want more tips? Check out these 8 Baby Room Ideas. Need help getting ready for baby? Find a housekeeper on Care.com.

Jennifer Kelly Geddes is a New York-based writer and editor who specializes in parenting, health and child development. She's a frequent contributor to Care.com and the mom of two teen girls.

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