15 Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Think beyond pink with these 15 fun baby girl nursery ideas.

One of the most exciting parts of having a baby girl is designing her nursery. But that can be an overwhelming task -- especially if pink walls aren't your thing. Luckily, a baby girl's room doesn't have to be an explosion of pastel. "The color combinations are endless," says Joanna Gick, an interior designer and co-founder of J & J Design Group. "We've been seeing a lot of coral, navy, gold and mint green."

With so many baby girl nursery ideas out there, it helps to choose your colors first and design the room around them. Gick advises against a theme, though. "A theme can quickly date a space and make it harder for the child to grow into if her interests change as she grows," she says.

Gick and children's interior designer Naomi Alon, the founder of Little Crown Interiors, share 15 baby girl nursery ideas to inspire you:

  1. Use Blue
    You don't have to avoid traditional boy colors just because your baby's a girl. This nursery on The Little Umbrella showcases deep navy walls, brightened up by hot pink linens and wall art.
  2. Accent With Pink
    Include pops of pink on the furniture, bedding, wall art and other accents. The pink changing table Alon included in Laila Ali's nursery complements the aqua walls and lime green chair perfectly. Check it out at Little Crown Interiors.
  3. Make It Mod
    If you like a modern look, choose of-the-moment details such as chevron prints, Lucite furniture and clean lines. This black, white and hot pink nursery on Project Nursery has it all.
  4. Go Retro
    If your style's more old-school, you'll love this '70s-inspired nursery designed by Room to Bloom. A brown and orange color scheme paired with funky prints tie the room together.
  5. Mix Metals
    "Mixed metallics are popping up in nurseries," says Alon. "Silver and gold are being blended together for a fun eclectic look." Check out the nursery Alon designed for former Spice Girl Mel B on Little Crown Interiors.
  6. Create Unexpected Color Combos
    Forget pink and white. How about soft gray, coral and aqua? Sew Woodsy shows how good it can look.
  7. Fancy Up the Floor
    A bright and boldly patterned rug like the one in this nursery from A Beautiful Mess can bring whimsy to a neutral room.
  8. Accent with Wallpaper
    "A huge trend that keeps getting more popular is doing an accent wall with wallpaper in the nursery," says Alon. Many companies even make removable wallpaper that won't damage your walls. Chloe Fleury shows how a simple geometric pattern in one corner can really make your nursery pop.
  9. Stencil a Wall
    Stenciled accent walls are another nursery trend and a beautiful alternative to wallpaper. Mer Mag used a store-bought cloud stencil, but the shape is simple enough for you to make your own version if you choose.
  10. Pick Girly Details
    "Add a little sparkle in the room for your little princess, whether it's a gold trinket or a fun-shaped mirror," Gick suggests. The gold mirror in this nursery from Running from the Law adds a fun, feminine touch.
  11. Use Chalkboard Paint
    Paint one nursery wall with chalkboard paint, then use colored chalk to draw designs or frames, like Fearless Crafts does. When your baby gets bigger, she'll enjoy drawing her own masterpieces.
  12. Go Gender Neutral
    "A gender neutral nursery gives your girl a blank canvas with which to develop her own ideas and tastes," says Alon. Primary colors set against neutral walls are a great way to achieve this, as shown by Little Miss Momma.
  13. Don't Be Afraid of Bright Colors
    How fun are all the bold colors in this nursery from Back to Her Roots? Teal walls, an orange dresser and colorful book spines all complement each other instead of clash.
  14. Pick One Item You Love
    "Start with a special piece that will work with all the colors you'd like to incorporate into the room," says Gick. "Maybe there's a fun rug, wallpaper or pillow that is your inspiration." Colorful lanterns steal the show in this nursery from Nest Design Studio.
  15. Scout Out Unique Decor
    "Don't limit yourself to baby or children's stores," says Alon. "A few of my favorites for creative and unique artwork, lighting and accents are Etsy, Anthropologie and local vintage shops." The art deco chandelier in this nursery on The Animal Print Shop would look as good in a modern apartment as it does in a nursery.

Want more inspiration? Check out these 21 Creative Nursery Room Ideas.

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Jennifer Marino Walters is a Washington, D.C.-based parenting writer who had a bit too much fun designing her baby girl's aqua-walled nursery.

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