The 9 best, most-appreciated gifts for new dads

Some new moms get plush presents, but what about new dad gifts? He deserves something too. Tens of thousands of babies are born every single day in the U.S., which means that there are a lot of excited and scared new dads out there. Many of these fathers have the same concerns as new moms, but they often don't get a lot of the same attention as their partners. That can be tough as they navigate the whole new world of fatherhood.

"Much like for moms, it is no different for dad," says Robert Pelletier, executive adviser to Grown Ups Magazine. "There is no more exhilarating experience than entering the realm of fatherhood. It's the true transition from boy to man and life-changing in countless ways. While no gift in the world can compare to the experience, it doesn't mean there aren't a few gifts for new dads that can help dad both transition into the new phase of his life, as well as connect with the new baby."

Here are nine gift ideas for new dads that could work for the new father in your life:

1. Cold brew coffee maker

Image via Blue Bottle Coffee

Many an overtired new dad will appreciate this wonderful gift. With this cold brew bottle, ground coffee, water and some fridge time, dad can always have fresh, delicious cold brew at the ready.  And odds are, he's going to need it. 

Where to buy: Hario Cold Brew Bottle ($35, Blue Bottle Coffee)

2. Hammock

Image via REI

New dads, just like new moms, have to find a little peace and relaxation when and where they can, or should we say, if and when the new baby's schedule says they can. In those early sleep-deprived months where "free" time comes in 10-minute spurts, this sturdy hammock makes the perfect outdoor getaway for dads (and moms, too!). This one even holds two adults at once so couples won't have to fight over it.   

Where to buy: Kammok Roo Double Hammock ($79, REI)

3. Phone sanitizer

Image via Urban Outfitters

New dads have enough on their minds. They definitely don't need to worry about bringing unnecessary germs around baby. This rechargeable UV sanitizer kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and will help keep dad's phone germ-free.

Where to buy:  HoMedics UV Clean Phone Sanitizer ($80, Urban Outfitters)

4. Portable battery charger

Image via Amazon

New dads are busy and often on the go, so having a charged phone just isn't going to be top of mind. With one of these portable battery chargers on hand, dads can be sure their phones can be fully powered up. Never again will he miss capturing a photo of a "baby first" or calling home to ask what needs to be picked up at the store.

Where to buy: Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger ($20-$30, Amazon)

5. Daddy diaper bag

Image via Target

Let's face it, Dad's going to be taking baby out and about and he's not going to want to carry your diaper bag. "I wanted a diaper bag for me," says Nick Browne, a dad blogger. "I knew that I'd be carrying it a good deal of the time and doing my fair share of diaper changing. To me, having a diaper bag that was designed for a dad — in both look and feel — made me feel more involved and not like I was just holding a bag. I carry it, I use it."

Where to buy: Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaper Bag ($50, Target)

6. Personalized gifts

Image via Family Tee Store/Etsy

There's nothing more touching than a personalized gift for the new dad. Get something engraved for him or customized with his child's birth date.

Where to buy: Dad Est. 2020 T-Shirt ($22+, Family Tee Store/Etsy)

7. Instagram photo books

Image via Artifact Rising

If the busy new dad only has time to fill up his Instagram feed with photos of his new kid, create a physical album for him in the form of an Instagram-friendly book.

Where to buy: Instagram Friendly Books ($15+, Artifact Uprising)

8. Dad key chain

Image via Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Every dad is a super dad, so let him show it off. This inspirational key chain —made of fine pewter with an antiqued finish — is a sentimental piece that will make dad feel good.

Where to buy: Super Dad Key Chain ($19, Isabelle Grace Jewelry)

9. Baby-proof phone case

Image via Amazon

Every parent knows phones need protection from kids. New dads need a baby-proof phone case that is drop-tested with great all-around protection.

Where to buy: OtterBox Defender Series Case ($50, Amazon)

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