Kids' Drawings: The Funniest Things They Have Put on Paper

Laura Richards
Nov. 26, 2015

All parents have them and most people have seen them, kids' drawings that look like something other than what they intended.

When it comes to your kids' drawings, you're never quite sure what you're going to get. Some are sweet, and some are downright funny. They can show the world exactly as your child sees it -- which can, at times, be a hit to your ego. But whether you're the young artist's parent, family member or teacher, it's hard to hold back a little snicker from time to time.

  • The Goldfish ... Toilet Bowl?!?
    "My son painted this picture of his pet fish for my husband as a Father's Day gift one year. My husband thought it was a painting of the fish in the toilet, forecasting his future!" says mom Barbara C. of Natick, Massachusetts. When the son made the big reveal, and the dad shared his interpretation, the son wasn't so pleased!

Photo Credit: Barbara Comiskey

  • Big Sister Really IS Big!
    "Drawn by my 6-year-old daughter. We're a two-dad family, so that 'mature' woman in the center is apparently how she sees herself. Even more amusing is the diminutive size she drew her little sister," says dad Austin B. of Lexington, Massachusetts . What isn't so clear is why her other dad is the size of a child, and markedly smaller than her.

Photo Credit: Austin Bliss

  • Happy Fourth of July...Or Is It?
    "This was a school artwork fundraiser. I thought it was an adorable Fourth-of-July picture with fireworks at the beach. I even had it put on a Christmas ornament. It was only after it was on the tree that my son told me that it was a picture of him pushing his brother off a cliff into the ocean to be eaten by the sharks below," shares mom Tanya L. of Framingham, Massachusetts. (If this sounds like a couple of boys you know, you may want to read on to 20 Tips for Raising Boys.) Kids' drawings clearly aren't always what they seem at first blush.


Photo Credit: Tanya Lipp

  • Daddy Is Phat, NOT Fat!
    "My daughter had always loved snuggling with my husband because he's 'soft and cozy,' which is why I love this family picture she drew where we're all literally stick figures, and he takes up half the page. He's genuinely not fat at all, but she did get very upset with him last year when he was losing weight and exercising more, as their cozy cuddles apparently weren't quite as cozy," says mom Jodi H. of Baltimore, Maryland. So much for looking athletic and fit in the eyes of your child (and the horizontal stripes aren't helping)!

Photo Credit: Jodi Hume

  • The Nose Knows
    "Last month, my 3-year-old daughter came home with a picture and said, 'Here's a picture of you. I made her have a big ponytail and big nose just like you.' I have never laughed so hard in my life! While I do often sport a ponytail, I had no clue my nose was that big! Thanks! Fair Warning: Don't ask her to sketch your profile!'" shares mom Laura R. of Vero Beach, Florida.

Photo Credit: Laura Radocaj

  • The Ultimate Lift
    "My son drew this when he was seven years old. I looked at it and immediately saw the breasts blowing in the wind and asked him, 'Who is this?' He replied, 'You.' I said, 'Wow, I must be going really fast.' He said, 'Yes, you can easily see that by looking at your hair.' I asked him why my chest was facing up and he said, 'No duh, Mom, because if your hair is blowing that much, your chest would, too.' Okay then. I got nuthin'," says mom Kathy P. of Auburn, California.

Photo Credit: Kathy Partak

  • Hair Helmet, No Hands, No Problem!
    "My daughter drew this of her little brother. Her brother has bright red hair and hands with fingers. Where the brown hair came from, and no hands, we will never know!" shares mom Colleen H. of Framingham, Massachusetts. Not only does the little brother not have hands, his hair looks like a hat, and his nose is as big as his face.

Photo Credit: Colleen Hildreth

  • Coal Miner's Son?
    "This one really needs no explaining at all!" shares mom Dawn T. of Phoenix, Arizona.

Photo Credit: Dawn Teo

What kind of crazy artwork graces your fridge or Facebook page? Tell us in the comments!

Laura Richards is a Boston-based freelance writer and the mother of four boys including a set of identical twins. She has written for numerous parenting publications and is the President of On Point Communications. Her parenting links can be found on her Modern Mothering website.

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