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Are You an '80s Child? 19 Things You'll Only Know If You Grew Up in the '80s

Steve Auger
Dec. 11, 2015

Did You grow up in the '80s? Your children are clueless as to just how awesome of a decade it was!

Ah, the awesome '80s. There hasn't been a decade like the 1980s since and there might not be another decade like it again. If you're an '80s child, here are 19 things your kids will miss out on experiencing.

  1. "The Dukes of Hazzard"

    Friday nights were spent in front of the TV watching Bo and Luke Duke drive all over Hazzard County foiling bad guys' plots while evading the crooked schemes of Boss Hogg and his incompetent sheriff, Rosco P. Coltrane. They were just good ol' boys, indeed.
  2. Hulkamania

    One of the true forces behind wrestling's '80s eruption was Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster had a generation of children believing that anything was possible through the power of training, prayers and vitamins. So what are you going to do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?
  3. Velcro Sneakers

    Sneakers with laces were just so time consuming!
  4. Boom Boxes

    Imagine a device that not only played AM and FM radio, but also cassette tapes! And, you could actually record songs off the radio onto your cassette tapes. It was mind-blowing.
  5. Hair Bands

    If you had a boom box, there was no doubt you were listening to some classic 1980s hair bands. Poison, Mtley Cre, Twisted Sister and Whitesnake all had long hair, make-up and the ability to crush a power ballad.
  6. Atari 2600

    Before there was a game app for smartphones, there was the Atari 2600. Space Invaders, Pitfall, River Raid -- yes, please!
  7. Commodore 64

    Looking for more than just video games on the Atari? Those ahead of their time no doubt were computing on the Commodore 64.
  8. Rotary Telephone

    Way back when, dialing a phone meant putting your finger into a round slot for each number. None of this touch-tone stuff was required.
  9. Pay Phones

    Out in public and needed to make a call? Hope you had a few quarters to stuff into one of these babies.
  10. Encyclopedias

    Having to write a report in elementary school meant asking Mom to drive you to this building called a library so you could thumb through a set of encyclopedias.
  11. Caldor

    Long before Wal-Mart dominated discount retail, there was a store chain known as Caldor. They sold boom boxes and rotary phones.
  12. The Church Lady

    Back when "Saturday Night Live" mattered, very few bits were as funny as Dana Carvey's Church Lady character. Well, wasn't that special?
  13. Baseball Cards

    One of the true joys of youth was walking into your local convenience store to buy packs of baseball cards. You can find them online today.
  14. NBA Short Shorts

    Back when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were at the height of their hoops powers, NBA uniform shorts used to be, well, short. Maybe they should be called longs now?
  15. Who Shot J.R.?

    The TV show "Dallas" was one of the most popular of its time and the question that gripped the nation back in 1980 was; "Who shot J.R.?"
  16. Record Player

    Before technology gave you the boom box, music was made on circular vinyl discs that you played on a record player.
  17. The A-Team

    Did you have a problem that needed solving but you couldn't involve the authorities? Hannibal, Faceman, B. A. Baracus and Murdock were the guys for the job. You pitied the fool who didn't call the A-Team!
  18. Miami Vice Fashion

    Remember when undercover cops wore white suits with colored T-shirts and shoes with no socks, drove Ferraris and lived on boats? Don Johnson does. Don't pretend you didn't wish you could be like Sonny Crockett.
  19. MTV

    Once upon a time the M in MTV actually stood for music. And that's what they did -- they played music!

If you're an '80s child, take a trip back in time and tell us in the comments what your favorite fad from the 1980s was. Just make sure the flux capacitor is still fluxing before you try to come back to this decade. Also, read about everyone's favorite 1980s nanny from "Charles in Charge" with 10 Famous Nannies.

Steve Auger is a freelance writer residing just north of Boston, Massachusetts. As relatively new parents, he and his wife Lauren quickly learned that parenthood is short on sleep (and sometimes patience) but diapers, toothless smiles and lots of love are plentiful.

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