How to Clean and Organize Your Home From Top to Bottom

Christina Pafumi
July 6, 2017

Advice from real moms who handle clutter the way we all want to.

Here's your anti-spring cleaning article. We asked busy parents and bloggers who actually don't dread cleaning what their secret is to keeping an organized, neat home. We gave them each a specific room in the house and asked them to share their best tips for home organization. They even gave us some great ideas for how to get the kids involved in cleaning! From the kitchen to the playroom, here they spill their dirt.

1. The Kitchen

"[I keep two] washcloths on the sink throughout the day and [use them] to keep the kitchen, and my daughter, sticky and crumb-free." - Anna Moseley, Ask Anna Moseley

Read more of Anna's fail proof tips for a clean kitchen

2. The Family Room

"Vacuum frequently and insist that toys are picked up nightly." - Julie Marsh, Julie Marsh

See what rule keeps Julie's family room clean all day

3. The Playroom

"When toys were getting out of hand in the playroom, I purchased square-shaped mesh see-through bins and labeled each of them with toy category names." - Samantha, Simply Organized

Read Samantha's solution for acquiring too much toy clutter

4. The Kids' Rooms

"The less stuff we have in the kids' rooms, the easier it is for them to put things back in order on their own." - Dana White, A Slob Comes Clean

See Dana's tips for a cleaner and more organized space for her kids

5. The Laundry Room

"To stay on top of laundry, I've made it a habit to wash, dry, and fold at least one load a day." - Christine Satterfield, I Dream of Clean

Read all of the ways Christine maintains a neat and desirable laundry room

Tips and stories from parents and caregivers who’ve been there.

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