Interview Series: Who's In Your Village?

Morgan Burke
June 8, 2017

5 working moms share tips and advice on how they do it all.



Behind every strong working mother, there's a village.

Whether you count on your babysitter for carpool, your neighbor for a night out or even your stay-at-home mom friends for sick days, wants to know: who's in your village and how did you find them? As part of the Interview Series, we hunted down some of our busiest working mom bloggers to find out. Check out what they have to say about who's in their village and what it took to build it.

  1. "I would DIE without Becky, our Super Nanny. I stole Becky from daycare. I know, it sounds really bad. But as a professional recruiter, I was easily able to spot the caretaker with the most talent and pick her right out of there." -Meredith Soleau, Life's Crazy Joke

    Find out who's excluding Meredith from play dates and what she has to say about it 

  2. "My "village" was grown from friendships where we all had babies at the same time! My friends are a wonderful source of tips and encouragement and "oh my gosh, me too!" that we mommas so need to hear." - Beth Anne Ballance, Heir to Blair

    Read more about why stay-at-home moms are so important to Beth Anne 

  3. "We are lucky that most of our villageis family who love and care for our children more than we could ever ask, but when we had to let our last live-in nanny go it was very stressful."-Maija, Maija's Mommy Moments

    Find out how Maija's building a new village after a big move 

  4. "There have been many times I've needed help picking up sick kids from school or watching one child while I take the other to the doctor. Even if I'm sick, my "village" would offer to sit with my kids while I healed."-Camille Langston, Make It Work Mom

    See how Camille juggled single parenting and a full-time job 

  5. "I can't express enough how great it is to have people that you trust to take care of your kids every day. They love them, they teach them, they play with them... they are just a huge part of their lives." -Jennifer Williams, Momma Made It Look Easy

    Learn who in Jennifer's village helped potty train the kids 

Are you a working mother? Tell us, who's in your village?

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