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Care.com Interview Series: Daddy Survival 101

Morgan Burke
June 8, 2017

5 tips from top daddy bloggers on raising great kids -- and enjoying every minute of it.

Late night feedings, sleepless nights and diaper mishaps aren't just part of mom's world -- they are part of dad's too. As a recent Care.com survey shows, 77% of women say their partner participates in child-rearing. And the daddy blog-osphere is buzzing with this evolvement in parenting.

Care.com talked to five of our favorite dad bloggers about what fatherhood is really like -- and how dads everywhere can learn from their mistakes, ahem, experiences. From stay-at-home dads to working dads to everything in between, these bloggers gave us plenty of new perspective into the inner psyche of fathers everywhere. Check out this dad-to-dad advice on tips they've learned the hard way.

  1. Don't solve their problems for them. "It's often tempting to jump in and do their homework or resolve a problem for them. I usually succeed at allowing them to have the experiences and learn from them without me solving it for them." - Troy Pattee, Dadventurous

    Find out why socks are the best Father's Day gift and why Troy's kids never seem to know when he is working or not »

  2. Always bring the diaper bag. "The day you say to yourself, 'I don't need the diaper bag, we will only be gone 20 minutes,' is the day your child has a massive blowout in the checkout line at the grocery store causing you to drive home with a naked baby and poop on your shirt." - Russ Jones,The Stay at Homer

    See why Russ thinks that parents who "sleep well" are liars »

  3. Embrace the chaos. "Pay attention, be flexible and remember that it will all be over before you know it, so whatever you do, don't miss a moment if you can. Nothing else you do in your life is going to come close to this.'" - Robert Rummel-Hudson, Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords

    See how Robert's daughter makes even a trip the grocery store an adventure »

  4. It's okay to ask for help. "Don't try to do it all yourself. Hang in there, you're doing fine. And don't feel the need to rush a dirty diaper off. Your baby might not be done." - David Vienna,The Daddy Complex

    See why David relates fatherhood to military boot camp and how dads are not just clueless boobs »

  5. Be a team. "Make your relationship with your wife the most important thing. Kids feel more secure when they know that their parents love each other." - Frederick Goodall, Mocha Dad

    Learn why Frederick says there is no Daddy Doghouse in his backyard »

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