Find a Cool Kids Calendar That Helps Your Child Stay Organized

July 6, 2015

These tips will help your little one find just the right calendar to keep her schedule straight.

Is your little one ready for a kids calendar? While you may still be organizing all of your child's daily activities, having a planner he can call his own is a great idea. "When kids can predict what's going to happen, their anxiety level goes down," says teacher, school counselor and parenting author Julia Cook.

"A calendar helps a child stay organized because it forces them to be responsible for their own personal things," adds Janelle Cox, a former teacher and the elementary education expert for But finding the right calendar for your child can be a challenge. "The most important aspect in choosing a calendar is that children see why it's useful," says Susan Kruger, best-selling author of "SOAR Study Skills" and founder of "Kids learn the value of a calendar by watching parents use their own calendars."

Kruger recommends that parents select two options based on functionality, then let the child make the final decision. She says, "There's a tremendous amount of power when the child gets to choose, and it shows that their opinion matters." Cook adds, "When your child chooses a calendar, ownership goes up tremendously."

Different kids have different tastes, so invite your little one to join you on a mission to find a cool calendar to hang on the bedroom wall. Pay attention to a few key elements to make sure it strikes a chord. "The bigger, the bolder, the brighter, the better," Cox continues. "Think about what attracts your eye to certain things. Children are very visual human beings and when they see a calendar that has big boxes, a fun design and bright colors they will be drawn to it."

Need helping finding a cool kids calendar? Try one of these fun options.

Movie Themes

  • Your little princess will be enchanted with a Disney "Frozen" wall calendar. With 13 full-color images of Elsa, Anna and all the "Frozen" characters, what's not to love? This calendar also offers your little one lots of space for writing her activities and assignments in the full-sized planning grids.
  • Your "Star Wars" fan will be overjoyed with the "Star Wars" Saga wall calendar's bold images, which include Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and other favorites. The big boxes encourage your little one to record the upcoming action.

Pet Themes

  • The dog lover in your family will adore the Underwater Puppies wall calendar. The Seth Casteel images jump off the calendar to delight your little one, while the grids offer lots of room for writing activities.
  • Your little cat lover will be thrilled with What Cats Teach Us. Each month's brightly colored cat photo includes a feline-inspired nugget of wisdom your child will take to heart.

Cartoon Themes

  • If your little one loves Snoopy and the gang, you can't go wrong with the Peanuts planner. The bright colors will encourage your child to write events on the calendar, which features big boxes to pack with things to do.
  • Your superhero will rule the universe with the Avengers Assemble wall calendar. The super-sized images spring to life, challenging your child to keep up with the daily action and be the very best he can be.

Video Game Themes

  • A mini engineer will be thrilled with a Minecraft calendar. He'll love checking out the new Minecraft landscapes on each page and may even use them as inspiration when playing his favorite video game. There's space to write your little guy's important activities too.
  • Your child's favorite characters are the stars of the Pokemon wall calendar. Your little one will be over the top with excitement while tracking plans.

Creative Calendars

  • Let children take control of activities with The Kid's Awesome Activity wall calendar. Each month offers a new creative scene for your child to embellish with artwork and stickers. In addition to leaving room for activities, the calendar has space to record awesome things done each week too.
  • Robert Pizzo's Amazing Animals uses the fun of stickers and activities to delight kids of all ages with an interactive calendar. Based on Pizzo's book of alphabet tongue twisters, this planner allows kids to practice their reading skills and exercise creative muscles.

For more ideas, check out Finding the Family Calendar App That Works for Your Family

Sandy Wallace is a busy mom who always uses her calendar to keep up with life. Sandy enjoys family life and sharing tips to help parents make memories with their families. You can follow Sandy on Twitter .

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