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7 Ways to Have Spoiled Kids

Danielle Herzog
Dec. 24, 2015

Blame the grandparents or the teachers that leave parents having to deal with a dose of spoiled kids. But who are you kidding? You love them anyways!

Spoiled kids are everywhere today. That's not to say your children are brats or that they run around saying, "I want an Oompa Loompa" like Veruca Salt from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." No, spoiled kids exist because there's usually that one person, or maybe even a few people, who do things for them even though those people know they really don't need to do it. They do them because they can't help themselves.

And parents usually love it. But it also makes you crazy. What ways are kiddos today spoiled?

Here's seven ways parents say their children are getting spoiled (but, hey, they secretly don't mind!):

  1. "It's bad enough that their grandma usually spends her social security checks on loud, battery-required toys for our youngsters. But what really spoils our children is the fact that she can't stop cleaning after them. From ironing their underwear into triangles because they look like Batman weapons, to following behind them, picking up all their toys, their grandma can't shut off the need to clean. However, I'm really not going to complain too much. It's one less Lego I have to step on!"

    -- Anna, a mother of two
  2. "We always invited my sister, my kids' aunt, to babysit because the kids always say how much they love playing with her. However, I found out recently that they really love her because she lets them watch PG-13 movies and eat four tubs of popcorn. The good thing is that it's all the movies I was dreading having to watch someday with them, so it really isn't that bad."

    -- Tim, a father of three
  3. "We love that my son's teacher rewards students with stickers instead of candy or treats. However, does she really need to give him one just for writing his name? The kid has been pretending not to be able to write his name for three months now just to keep getting stickers. However, we are very impressed with his cunning abilities. And his name really does look perfect now."

    -- Erin, a mother of two
  4. "When our sitter first took our girls to swim class, they convinced her that if they went to the bathroom, they needed to have their swimsuits rinsed out in warm water before getting in the pool. Eventually, she figured out their scam, but it was so part of her routine that she didn't stop. The good thing is my kids are never the ones shivering when they walk onto the pool deck!"

    -- Molly, a mother of four
  5. "My poor brother made a grave mistake the first time my two boys came over for dinner. He actually asked them what they wanted to eat. Which, of course, led him to making two different meals. To this day, he makes them whatever they want. Which is probably good because they sure aren't going to have that service at home!"

    -- Steffi, a mother of two
  6. "It's not grandparents or family that spoils our children: it's my wife! Our son is 4 years old and she still carries him around stores and errands when he is tired. She can't see his little smirk he gives every time she hikes him up in her arms, but I can. And secretly, I'm a little proud of the guy."

    -- Jake, a father of one
  7. "Without fail, every time I get my coffee at the drive-thru coffee place, the barista will ask if my son wants a lollipop before I can even head her off at the pass. I'll be shaking my head 'no' and she'll still be holding one up and shaking it in front of my son's window. However, I will admit that it does buy me five minutes of not hearing his attempts at knock-knock jokes, which just might be worth the tooth decay."

    -- Jasmine, a mother of two

Join in the conversation and answer in the comments below: who spoils your child the most? And if you ever wonder if you're spoiling your child too much, check out the reader who asked How Can I Be Sure I'm Not Spoiling My Son? or 6 Ways to Get thru the Holidays without a Spoiled Child.

Danielle Herzog is a freelance writer who has the pleasure of writing for the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Parenting.com, The Huffington Post, AOL.com, What to Expect.com, Nickelodeon's Nick Mom and various other national and local magazines, newspapers and sites. She's also an on-air reporter and correspondent for Moms Everyday, as well as for local and national television programs.

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