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Care.com Interview Series: Being a Social Media Mom

Melissa Roja Lawlor
June 8, 2017

5 ways social media has changed the face of parenting.



"Baby will NOT go to sleep, and I'm about to lose it! What can I do?" This is a typical parenting question, no matter what era. In our parents' day, they might have called their mothers, sisters, or other mom friends, and gotten two or three suggestions. But in today's world of social media, where American mothers comprise 72.5% of all Facebook users, you can log onto your profile, post the question as your status update, and (depending on your "friends'" response rate) get 20 different suggestions.

With Twitter updates taking the place of catch-up phone calls, Facebook photos and blogs becoming our baby books, and Pinterest replacing, well, our dreams for everything, social media is changing the world of parenting. Care.com spoke to five social media savvy moms to get their take on the impact of social media on today's families, things they thought their kids might tweet, and how having the world at their fingertips has shaped their parenting in the digital age.

  1. "I think it is very helpful to parents by providing a type of 'village.' We've all heard it takes one to raise a child, but few of us live in them." -- Jenni Chiu, Mommy Nani Boo Boo

    Read how Chiu uses social media to make her family better 

  2. "I know that I am not alone in this, that the hard work, lack of sleep, mommy guilt, the emotional rollercoaster are all completely normal and part of modern parenting." -- Vered DeLeeuw, MomGrind

    See how DeLeeuw found balance as a blogger and a parent

  3. "I am convinced that had I had [social media] seventeen years ago with my first child, I never would have slipped into such depths of Post Partum Depression." -- Alexandra Rosas, Good Day Regular People

    Read about how social media saves Rosas' life every day

  4. "I think social media has disrupted our parenting - there are so many blogs, so many updates, so many distractions now - and so many more ways to get neurotic!" -- Sara Fisher, Self Made Mom

    See how Fisher stands her ground when it comes to privacy on the web 

  5. "I think my biggest fail is that my dry sense of humor fails to translate online. I am sure some of my friends are one step away from calling Child Protective Services at times." -- Kate Canterbury, The Guavalicious Life

    See how social media has helped Canterbury surround herself with a tribe who 'gets' her 

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