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Trends in Hipster Baby Clothes

Katie Kavulla
May 5, 2015

5 fashion trends for your hipster baby -- coming to a playground near you!

You've probably seen kids in hipster baby clothes strutting around town -- or more likely, toddling around the playground. They're popping up from coast to coast, and their style is what sets them apart from other babies. You don't even have to be a hipster yourself to dress your baby like one. Just add one of the latest hipster baby trends and you're halfway there! (Be sure to size down -- too small is hip!)

Moccasins, fringe and vintage clothes mixed with designer duds are in, says Lisa Batra, founder and CEO of My Kids' Threads, an online kids' consignment store featuring designer clothing. Batra says she's seen an upswing in hipster styles. "Right now, we're loving hipster-friendly brands, such as Pearls and Popcorn, and tees that have handwritten messages or song lyrics, such as this babyGap onesie with lyrics from Cat Stevens," she says.

If you're wondering how to get started building your own hipster baby wardrobe, here are five tips:

  1. Go Retro
    Old is cool -- from shirts that are brand new (but look like they've been run over by a sandbox truck) to sneakers exactly like the ones you wore at that age. Adding a few vintage-esque pieces to your baby's wardrobe is an instant way to "go hipster." No need to dig through the racks at a secondhand shop to give your baby that retro hipster look. Try Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneakers (Nordstrom, $36) or Toddler Boys Star Wars Tee (Junk Food Clothing Co, $28).
  2. Accessorize
    As you're looking to outfit your little hipster, start by thinking about accessories that grownup hipsters wear -- sunglasses, beanies, oversized scarves. Then look for scaled-down versions. (OK ... maybe not the scarves ... they are still babies, after all!) Instead, try a super-hip Bandana Bib (MawdsleyLoves, $14), Original Babiators Sunglasses (Babiators, $20) or Reversible Purple Polkadot Headscarf (Wise Looks, $15).
  3. Say It All for Your Baby
    Your baby's not talking yet? No matter. Baby tees say it all! Graphic tees with funky sayings (even rap song lyrics) are a No. 1 must-have in hipster baby clothes. Try the Lemons Make Lemonade T-shirt (kate&jAMES, $24) or Only Good Vibes tee (Geo Fox Apparel, $25).
  4. Go for "In" Prints
    Ditch the stripes, plaids and cutesy hearts and flowers for more modern hipster prints, such as those featuring jungle animals or geometric shapes. Graphic prints are in, and while some prints for babies look more like bad hotel carpeting than baby clothes, you might find them actually cooler than the art hanging on your walls at home. Try Mineralized Rose Leopard Party Track Pants (Quinn and Fox, $78) or Mountain Twirling Dress (Thief and Bandit, $60).
  5. Go Natural ... or Go Home
    A hipster trend that's not as apparent as some of the others has to do with the material that the clothes are made from. Think organic cotton and bamboo. There are even baby clothes made from soy. Try the O Soy One-Piece (babysoy, $25), Henley Tee and Pant PJ Set (Burt's Bees Baby, $20) or Print Ruffle Pants (KicKee Pants, $26).

For more on baby clothes, read about baby clothes sizes.

Katie Kavulla is a mom of three who lives in the Seattle area. She's also the child style editor at Savvy Sassy Moms, an online magazine.

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