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5 Great Twin Cribs

Nj Rongner
July 16, 2015

Have a set of twins in your life? Twin cribs save on space and allow your babies to be near each other while still following the AAP's recommended guidelines for safe sleeping.

You've got two little bundles of joy in your life, which means double the fun and double the questions. Where are your twins going to sleep and what are they going to sleep in? Should you let them sleep together in the same crib or is it better to give them their own space? These are common questions that all twin parents wrestle with.

Parents of twins often decide to let their twins sleep together instead of separating them into their own twin cribs. However, the American Association of Pediatrics recommends twins sleep in separate spaces. "Twins should sleep in separate cribs due to the risk of SIDS," says Dr. Craig Canapari, director of the Pediatric Sleep Center at Yale University. "Twins should sleep in their own sleep environment whether room sharing -- not bed sharing -- with mom and dad or in their own nursery," adds mother and certified sleep consultant Alanna McGinn.

Both Dr. Canapari and McGinn do not recommend co-sleeping or bed sharing as an option to provide a safe sleep environment for twins. McGinn goes on to suggest that if the plan is for your twins to share a room in the long term, it should start early on so they get used to each other's noises.

There are a few specialty options available for twin cribs, in addition to the traditional single-style cribs on today's market.

Here are five of the top choices:

  1. C-2 Two Infant Bunkie Crib
    Bunkie Cribs are bunk bed-style twin cribs that are compliant with federal laws and standards for safety. The two cribs nestle into each other, with the lower bed able to slide out on casters. They feature a nontoxic, child-safe finish and come with crib mattresses included. Bunkie Cribs are available in four colors: honey, cinnamon, white and coffee.
  2. Whitney Bros. Space Saver 2-Level Crib
    Another twist on bunk beds is the Whitney Bros. Space Saver. Its two sleeping areas are stacked on top of each other. The lower crib rolls out on casters while the upper crib remains in a stationary position. These twin cribs are Green Guard-certified and compliant with CPSIA regulations. The Space Saver comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and two mattresses are also included.
  3. Whitney Bros. Twin Privacy Crib
    Whitney Bros. also offers the Twin Privacy Crib, which provides personal space for each baby. It features three solid birch panels to restrict the noise and movement your babies make. This crib has some perks for parents as well, as you can position the twin cribs side by side or front to back. No matter how you style it, the crib meets U.S. safety standards and doesn't require a lot of assembly.
  4. The Twin Corner Cot
    Coming from New Zealand-based company Pamco, the Twin Corner Cot features two separate sleeping areas set up in an L-shape, allowing the crib to fit seamlessly into any corner. Babies are given their own individual sleeping areas but are still able to see each other through a clear divider. While you would have to purchase a special mattress to fit this crib, it can be easily converted into a corner settee after your twins have outgrown it.
  5. The King Twin Cot
    Pamco also offers the King Twin Cot. These twin cribs also feature two separate sleeping areas attached end to end. Just like with the Twin Corner Cot, the babies are able to see each other through a clear divider. Once your twins are old enough to sleep in more traditional beds, you can turn this set into two single beds with the help of a conversion kit.

Wondering how you'll get your twins to sleep in a new crib? Read Sleep Tight! Baby Sleep Secrets.

NJ Rongner is a lifestyle and parenting blogger based in Massachusetts. When she is not busy chasing her children or drinking the entire pot of coffee, she can be found working on her blog, A Cookie Before Dinner, where she inspires her readers to chase a sweet life well lived.

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