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21 New Baby Powder Uses

Stacey Feintuch
July 30, 2015

Learn a variety of baby powder uses you never knew about, great for small fixes everywhere in your home.

Baby powder. The words likely make you inhale, conjuring its fresh smell, but did you know that the sweet-smelling white substance offers many benefits to your home? This do-it-all product is inexpensive, so it won't break the bank. Replace multiple, and likely pricier, items with one multipurpose, budget-friendly container and take advantage of the many baby powder uses.

These 21 baby powder uses will help you integrate the household powerhouse into your life:

  1. Shampoo a Pet
    If you can't give your pet a bath, rub a handful or two (depending on his size) of powder into your dog or cat's fur. Let it sit for a few minutes, then thoroughly brush.
  2. Freshen Up Your Hair
    This dry shampoo will eat up grease and oil, making your hair look and smell freshly washed. Sprinkle powder onto your comb and run it through hair. This method works well for blonde or gray hair. Brunettes can add a touch of cocoa powder to baby powder and redheads can add some cinnamon to better match their hair color.
  3. Remove Oil or Grease Stains
    Sprinkle powder on a cotton ball and dab at the grease or oil. Thoroughly rub powder into stain, then shake or brush off excess. Repeat until stain disappears, then wash as normal. For stubborn stains, sprinkle powder onto the spot and let it sit for 15 minutes before washing.
  4. Protect Flower Bulbs
    Before planting flower bulbs, protect them from rotting and being eaten by rodents. Place five or six bulbs in a plastic bag and add about three tablespoons of powder. Seal bag and shake to coat the bulbs.
  5. Untangle a Necklace
    Sprinkle some powder on the knot as well as the chain's crevices and crooks. Then, use a pin to pull apart the knot.
  6. Unstick a Deck of Cards
    Throw cards into a paper or plastic bag, toss in a bit of baby powder and seal. Shake the bag a few times to distribute the powder. Remove the cards from the bag. Shake off excess powder or wipe away with a paper towel.
  7. Freshen Drawers
    Sprinkle powder under drawer liners or put powder in a sachet to prevent musty-smelling clothes.
  8. Keep Cool
    Dust a light coating of powder between the sheets a few minutes before bedtime. Powder will help absorb sweat and freshen sheets in need of being laundered. (Wash or shake out your sheets the next day.)
  9. Renew Stinky Shoes
    Sprinkle a dusting of powder inside shoes that have an odor. Let sit overnight. Shake out excess in the morning (or leave it in for stubborn odors).
  10. Repel Ants
    Baby powder can help repel ants and other pests who dislike the scent. Sprinkle powder in floor cracks and around window panes and doors.
  11. Quiet Floors
    Pour powder onto squeaky wooden floors and sweep into cracks and crevices. Wipe away excess.
  12. Make Deodorant
    Ran out of deodorant? Sprinkle a handful of powder onto the palm of your hand and rub under your arms before getting dressed for the day.
  13. Remove Sand
    Before heading inside after a beach outing or a trip to the sandbox, sprinkle powder over anyone and anywhere on the body covered in sand. Powder makes sand brush off more easily.
  14. Eliminate Carpet Odors
    Sprinkle baby powder over your carpet. Let sit for about 15 minutes, then vacuum away the smells.
  15. Ease Waxing Pain
    Before applying wax to your skin, sprinkle the area with some powder. Baby powder will make the wax work more effectively and help protect skin.
  16. Treat Rubber Gloves
    Powder makes rubber gloves easier to take on and off. Sprinkle some on your fingers or inside the gloves.
  17. Plump Eyelashes
    Before applying mascara, dust a tiny amount of powder over lashes with a cotton swab for a fuller look.
  18. Remove Mold From Books
    Open old books and air dry for a few hours. Sprinkle baby powder between the pages. Stand upright for a few hours or until the following day. Brush out powder and books will smell like new.
  19. Cool Your Skin
    Men and women can use powder as an aftershave. After shaving your face or legs, sprinkle a little powder on the area and rub it in.
  20. Eliminate Kitty Litter Odors
    No time to change the kitty litter? Sprinkle some baby powder over the area for an easy refresh.
  21. Prevent the Iron From Ruining Delicates
    Sprinkle powder on a soft cloth before rubbing it on the bottom of a cool iron. Heat iron until powder disappears. Iron as normal. (Consider testing on a hidden area first.)

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Stacey Feintuch is a seasoned print and digital writer and editor with loads of experience and two journalism degrees under her belt. She has worked at numerous health and parenting websites and magazines. She now knows what to do with the baby powder bottle she has at home.

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