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Care.com Interview Series: Holiday Boot Camp for the Military Spouse

Morgan Burke
Nov. 7, 2011

26 tips for making this holiday special - no matter where your family is stationed

For many of us, the holiday season is a time for family togetherness. But when you are a military spouse and duty calls, holiday celebrations can take on a new meaning.

As part of the Care.com Interview Series, we talked with six top military spouse bloggers to get their advice on how to make the most of the holiday season. Whether you and your spouse are spending the holidays apart, you're stationed far from family, or the next deployment is breathing down your neck, these real military wives share how to get in the holiday spirit.

Follow these tips for a happy holiday. You deserve it.

ArmyWife101 Gives 5 Ways to Make the Most of Every Holiday: Military spouse blogger Krystal Spell talks about how she keeps her family connected with their soldier during the holiday season. Find tips on how to feel close to your spouse this holiday season, even when you're far apart.

Household 6 Diva Finds a Sense of Family Away from Home: Will you be stationed far from home this holiday season? Top military spouse blogger Ann Marie Detavernier talks about how she embraces her military family and finds creative ways to involve her deployed spouse into the festivities.

An Army Wife's Top Tips for Beating Holiday Stress: Army Wife Network co-founder and author Tara Crooks believes the holidays are a time to cherish no matter what challenges come your way. Find out how to make the most of holiday deployments whether it's your first or your fifth.

Holiday Deployments -- Letting Go of Perfect: Stressing about making this the perfect holiday? Piloting the Zoo blogger Katy B. can relate. Get her tips on how to find the positive during tough holiday deployments.

4 Blue Star Tips for Creating Mobile Holiday Traditions: Blue Star Families contributor and My Traveling Troop blogger Kristina Doss knows all about moving and deployment. Learn how to build holiday traditions you can celebrate wherever the military takes you.

3 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays with your Military Spouse: When you know a deployment is coming up, trying to make this holiday season perfect can take a lot out of you. Semper Fi Momma blogger Laura Crawford offers tips on how she's going to make this holiday season count with her Marine at home.

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