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25 Magical Harry Potter Party Ideas

Amy Aitman
June 16, 2017

Have a little wizard on your hands? Cast a big spell by throwing a Harry Potter party. Here are 25 of the best Harry Potter party ideas.

Need some magical Harry Potter party ideas to impress your little wizards? It's not surprising that Harry Potter still casts his spell, says Catherine Horvath, a Harry Potter expert from The Leaky Cauldron. "Harry Potter still holds the same magic for kids today as it did for kids when the books started coming out 18 years ago."

So when it comes time to celebrate, as Horvath says, "A Harry Potter party is one of the best ways to bring that magic to life for young fans." JoAnna Carpentier, a digital marketing strategist from GigSalad, a leading online marketplace for booking event entertainment and services of all types, says, "The smallest details make the biggest difference when planning a themed party. Don't just hire a Harry Potter impersonator and call it a day. Get creative!"

If you agree and want to go "whole Hogwarts," check out these 25 creative Harry Potter party ideas, sure to impress wizards and Muggles alike:

Entertainment and Games

  1. Let the kids practice their spells with Harry, Carpentier says. "If you can find a Harry Potter impersonator or costumed character to show up and surprise the kids, that's sure to leave a lasting impression." GigSalad has a search engine for locating entertainers.
  2. Even a bunch of Muggles can learn to play Quidditch. Scroll down on the Martha Shmartha site for some instructions.
  3. Mix up your own magic potions. Let the kids mix their own. Print off some of these potion recipes from GryffinRoar for inspiration.
  4. Make a nonalcoholic version of Polyjuice Potion by adapting this adult drink posted on Pepper to a kid friendly version.
  5. Don't forget the official Harry Potter robes!
  6. Print and color your own Hogwarts house ties with these printables from Activity Village to go with the robes.
  7. Make your own wands, too. This idea from Boxy Colonial calls for chopsticks, paint and a glue gun.

Special Touches

  1. Make your own secret route to the Hogwart's Express with this idea from Martha Shmartha.
  2. "Hang white LED candles from the ceiling to recreate the floating candles in Hogwarts' Great Hall," suggests Carpentier.
  3. "Make an antique-looking frame for the TV out of cardboard and gold spray paint, and make a 'moving picture' with the Harry Potter movies playing on mute in the background," suggests Horvath.
  4. This sorting hat from Practically Functional is fun to make and can help sort your party guests into houses.
  5. "Provide a photo op by making an 'Azkaban Wanted' sign out of cardboard and leaving a square in the middle for kids to pose behind," says Horvath. This makes a great keepsake to print and have them take home, or you can email it to them after the party.
  6. Incorporate Hedwig -- Harry's owl -- into your party. Buy one, or have the kids draw or sculpt him as a party activity.
  7. "If there's room in the yard, hire a Trackless Train to be the Hogwarts Express for the day," says Carpentier.


  1. Horvath suggests trying some of the recipes in the "Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook."
  2. "Make Mandrake Leaf Salad," says Horvath. "Anything vegetable or leafy can come from the Hogwarts gardens or greenhouse, grown by Professor Sprout," so this may be a great way to get your little ones to eat their vegetables.
  3. "A really easy way to serve Harry Potter 'drinks' is to take different sodas and juices," says Horvath, "put them in different pitchers, large jars or bottles, and label them as different potions. Add food coloring for crazy colors. Water can be labeled 'Gilly Water.'"
  4. "Pick up small cauldron containers from your local party store and use them to serve popcorn or candy," says Carpentier.
  5. Serve this kids' version of butterbeer from Bakingdom that's made with cream soda instead of beer.
  6. Make some Harry Potter chocolate frogs with this recipe from Nerdy With Children.
  7. Make everyone feel they're really eating acid pops. See instructions for making acid pops from Show and Tell.
  8. Make your own Harry Potter cake with these instructions from The Mommy Files.
  9. Serve Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. Just use jellybeans!
  10. Make this easy pumpkin juice recipe from The Dinner Mom.
  11. Serve little cauldron cakes with this recipe from A Full Measure of Happiness -- a fudgy experience all Muggles will love.

Need some extra help organizing or setting up the party? Hire a babysitter or housekeeper to help out for a few hours.

Amy Aitman is a freelance writer and mommy blogger who loves the Harry Potter books so much she has read the entire series twice. She's always up for a fun party, too!

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