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12 Best Slumber Party Games

Erica Loop
June 16, 2017

Make your sleepover a stand-out with these 12 awesome slumber party games!

A gaggle of kids are set to show up at 5 p.m. You've got the snacks, the sleeping bags and a super-funtastic pillow fort ready. But what about the slumber party games? You certainly don't want any party participants saying they're bored and want to go home!

From old-school throwbacks to games involving outdoor play, these slumber party ideas won't just keep the gang entertained. They'll get everyone talking about what a cool mom you are for weeks to come:

  1. Get Glowing
    The sun has set and it's finally dark out. Make and Takes' Glow Stick Tic-Tac-Toe is a great way to update an old standard. Whether you play it in a totally dark room or outside, it's a magnificent enhancement to that paper and pencil version you played as a kid.
  2. Mad Libs
    Pass down this great slumber party tradition! Write up a few of your own tall tales, type them out and leave blanks to fill in with nouns, verbs and adjectives. The kids will get a kick out of the silly stories they create. Try dividing the kids into teams and see which one comes up with the most hilarious tale.
  3. Makeover Madness
    Brassy Apple's blindfolded makeover is fun that goes well beyond simply slathering on glittery eye shadow and gloss. Make a game of it by voting on who's been given the best -- or worst -- makeover!
  4. Household Hunt
    Break the party guests into pairs or small teams for a house-wide scavenger hunt. Hide clues in and around your home for the kids to find. This slumber party game keeps them busy, active and leads to a prize!
  5. Star Wars
    Star Wars fans will love this craft from Here Comes the Sun that doubles as a party game! After you've constructed your light sabers using pool noodles, go outside for massive light saber duel. Don't worry, the weapons are soft and squishy, so the kids can joust about without any sharp edges to worry about. For a fun party game, divide the kids into pairs and have each pair duel for a set amount of time. Offer prizes to the dueling team with the most finesse.
  6. Pillow Decorating
    Give each child a pillowcase, pull out the fabric paints or fabric pens and have a pillow decorating contest. There's no need to judge the absolute "best." Hand out awards for the most colorful, zaniest or most "cray" pattern. Then go nuts with that most classic of slumber party games -- an old-fashioned pillow fight.
  7. Q & A
    Is the slumber party pitch reaching the non-stop gab level? Combine a game of keeping a beach ball in the air with a pointed question and answer session. Whoever drops the ball gets to answer a question on the Toss and Talk Ball. See Things We've Handed Down for a list of questions and a photo of the ball.
  8. Flashlight Tag
    Hand out flashlights. Find a fenced-in area of the yard to try this kid-friendly favorite. Instead of tagging each other, players use their beams of light to point out who's "out."
  9. Counting Cards
    Of course, there are countless card games for kids to play during a sleepover. Smaller kids like easy-to-understand games like Go Fish or Old Maid, while older ones can have a seemingly endless game of War or throw a poker party with small candy pieces as currency.
  10. Gross Out
    Try out the Slurpin' for Worms party game from Kid's Creative Chaos to add the "ick" factor. It's a messy game that doubles as a sweet treat.
  11. Phone It In
    They text, they go on Facebook and tweet to each other. Now it's time for a slumber party staple that's totally low-tech -- Telephone! Have the kids sit in a circle. The first child whispers a phrase to the next child, who passes it on. As the "secret" goes through the circle, listen for how the message changes.
  12. American Idol
    While a karaoke contest is a no-brainer when it comes to slumber party ideas, make it more interesting by challenging kids to come up with their own lyrics. Teams pick out a tune and then rewrite the words. Perhaps choose a theme or have them pen a birthday song to sing to the guest of honor. The team with the funniest song wins.

For more party-throwing ideas, read 7 Tips to Throw a Super Slumber Party. Then check out 14 Cheap Ways to Stuff a Goodie Bag for inexpensive (but still awesome) favor ideas.

Need some extra help organizing or setting up the party? Hire a babysitter or housekeeper to help out for a few hours.

Erica Loop is a mom, parenting writer and educator with a master of science degree in child development. When she's not teaching, she's busy creating kids' activities for her blog, Mini Monets and Mommies.

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