7 fun games and activities for 7-year-olds

Julie Morse
June 11, 2015
7 fun games and activities for 7-year-olds

The best way for a child to learn about his or herself is through play. Games help children try on different social skills and explore different realms of their personalities. At age 7, children are at a point when their motor skills are sophisticated enough for them to engage in self-directed play. This is a great age to watch your child grow into his/her creative self.

7-year-olds crave the freedom to be imaginative.

“Children at this age become even more interested in exploring adult roles and are better able to exert self-control," says Marissa Kiepert Truong, PhD, and author of the blog Land of Once Upon a Time. "Activities like gardening, cooking or household chores can provide 7-year-olds with ample opportunities to learn through problem solving and can help build their self-confidence, as well as parent-child relationships.”

Continue reading on for unique and fun games and activities for your 7-year-old. 

1. Bike riding

Learning to ride a bike is an important rite of passage in a young child’s life. Not only does bike-riding give children access to the world beyond the driveway, but also it’s a great activity to help your 7-year-old develop strength and balancing skills, and an excellent workout for the lungs and lower-body muscles.

2. Theater play

“Seven years of age is a great time for kids to participate in interactive and imaginative activities,” says Joanne Foster, Ed.D and co-author of Beyond Intelligence. "They can have fun while honing interpersonal skills such as listening, expressing original ideas, sharing, and taking turns. Look up your local community theater and see what programs and activities they offer for your child’s age group.

3. Hikes

Hikes are a wonderful way for children to explore the outdoors and learn about nature and exercise. The Sierra Club has a comprehensive database of local trails that can help you decide which is the best one for your child’s skill level.

4. Sewing

“Children at this age are beginning to develop more advanced motor skills. To help development of fine motor skills, 7-year-olds might enjoy art projects like sewing,” says Truong. Many local craft stores, such as JoAnn Fabrics, offer sewing classes for elementary-school aged students.

5. Rattlesnake tag

This version of tag has a safe dosage of competition for a 7-year-olds. To play, have everyone line up holding hands. No one is allowed to let go of each other’s hands! The first person in line is the rattlesnake’s head and the last in line is the “rattle.” The objective is to have the “head” tag the “rattle.” When they’re tagged, then the rattle moves up to the front of the line and becomes the “head.”

6. Charades

Charades is perfect for 7-year-olds because they will have honed basic reading skills at this point. To play, have every player write down on a small slip of paper a noun, activity, book, or movie, then fold up all slips and put them in a bowl. Players will take turns picking out a slip and acting it out without saying anything! The audience takes turns guessing what the person doing, and whoever guesses right goes next!

7. Egg on a spoon race

All players line up and carefully place an egg on their spoons. Everyone must walk from the starting line to the finish line without dropping their egg. Whoever drops their egg is out. On the next walk, have players try skipping or hopping on one foot towards the finish line.

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