9 Cool Games for Boys That Are Less Than $20

Dec. 2, 2016

Looking for a new game for a boy age 5 to 10 years old, but don't want to shell out too much for it? Try these 9 cool games for boys that are under $20.

You're looking for something for the boy in your life, but all the cool games for boys seem pretty pricey! While finding games and activities that challenge a 5- to 10-year-old's creativity, imagination, thinking and social skills can be tough, it's key to promoting mental development.

"At the grade-school level, boys can sometimes have issues with attention and focus," says Marissa DiBartolo, a toy industry expert, toy reviewer and senior editor at The Toy Insider. "Games that have short rounds or fast-paced play are perfect for kids in this demographic. You want to give them games that will keep them engaged, moving and having fun."

When choosing games, don't let the age suggestions on the box deter you. Nicole Brady, the founder and owner of the review blog SAHM Reviews says, "Kids are quick learners and can play some pretty difficult games. The age listed on the outside of a box indicates the age at which a child can pick up the game, read the instructions and play it without any outside explanation. With the guidance of a parent to teach the fundamentals, that age can be dramatically lower than what is listed."

Check out these cool games for boys ages 5 to 10!

1) Spot It! ($13.99)
This game is great for developing visual perception, speed and matching skills, and it's great for playdates or family gatherings. Spot It! also comes in some fun sports licenses, including major league baseball and the NHL.

2) Pom-Pom Race (DIY)
This is a fun and inexpensive game from Frugal Fun for Boys! Each player needs some tape, a pom-pom and a straw. Have the boys create side-by-side tracks with tape. Using the straw, they have to blow their pom-poms to the finish line!

3) What's in Ned's Head? ($14.99)
This gross game is sure to get the boys giggling! Ned's plush head is filled with nasty finds, such as an old gym sock, stinky cheese, an icky tooth and a lab rat.

4) Cup-a-Cup ($15.95)
Cup-a-Cup challenges kids to spot the thing that's missing, but instead of cards, it involves silly-faced cups and a few dice. The cups give kids something more tangible to grab onto, making the game much more exciting and engaging. You have to be super fast to win this one -- with each game taking less than 20 minutes, boys will beg to play multiple rounds, for sure!

5) Doodle Dice ($10.60)
Doodle Dice is a unique twist on the classic game of Yahtzee. Create doodles with a few rolls of the dice! There are different doodles on each card in the deck. If your Doodle Dice match a doodle on one of the cards, you take the card. To win, be the first player to collect one card of each color. Doodle Dice has a ton of replayability because no two games are the same!

6) Swinging Nerf Targets (DIY)
Boys love Nerf guns! Create some targets for them out of plastic cups, hang them with string anywhere in the house (or outside) and watch the boys work on their aim! Frugal Fun for Kids has some great ideas for this.

7) Shark Mania! ($19.99)
If you're looking for a unique game that will get the kids excited, check out Shark Mania! Reach the safety of the island at the end of the track in this shark-chomping race. There's no time to waste -- there's a shark on your tail who's looking to knock you off your track!

8) Tenzi ($24.00)
Tenzi is a challenge game of speed and chance that encourages dexterity, quick thinking and interaction. This simple game can be picked up easily and brings people together. Since there are so many variations to this game, your boys won't get bored with it after a few rounds!

9) Bounce-Off ($17.99)
This off-the-wall game challenges two to four players ages 7 and up to bounce a green or blue ball into a playing grid to match the pattern on a chosen card. Get a match? Grab another one!

Keeping young minds active and engaged is important when you're choosing cool games for boys. "Don't forget, games are great learning tools," says DiBartolo. "They can teach kids everything from words, shapes and colors to hand-eye coordination, patience and teamwork -- all of which are essential to development in kids in this age range."

Need more ideas for your little guy? Try these 12 Game for Boys of All Ages.

Stephanie Glover is a freelance writer who lives outside of Philadelphia.

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