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How to Survive Snow Days and Sick Days With Kids

Real moms share how they spend unexpected days off with the kids without getting cabin fever.

Remember what a day off from school meant when you were little? Whether there was a foot of snow outside, or you had a temperature of 102, unexpected days off might have meant playing in pajamas all day long, sipping hot cocoa, or eating bowls of Mom's homemade chicken noodle soup! Now? It's probably safe to say that those two little words carry an entirely different meaning as a parent.

A day off from school can throw a wrench in any schedule, especially when you don't see it coming. Whether you are a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a work-at-home mom, or even a homeschooling mom, unforeseen changes to the day's routine might spell disaster if you aren't prepared (get last-minute child care advice!). Here are three stories of real moms who made the most out of an unexpected day off and survived the storm. (Caution: these moms just might have you wishing for a snow day of your very own!)

  1. "I now have a stock pile of "last minute" dinners for unexpected routine changes and I love the peace of mind that this brings!" - Heather Ledeboer, Mom 4 Life

    Read how prepared crock pot freezer meals have changed Heather's snow day outlook.

  2. "Keep a few aces up your sleeve...and don't bring them out until the bickering and/or complaining is about to drive you bonkers!'" -Janet, Izzy Mom

    Learn how Janet manages to get her work done while keeping her kids happy during unexpected days at home.

  3. "Let the cleaning and organizing go. Remember that these are the days legends are made of." - Jodi Call, Pistols and Popcorn

    See how Jodi turns an unforeseen twist in the schedule into a day of bonding and fun for the entire family.

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