35 Duct Tape Crafts for Kids: Crafts, Decor and More

Leah S. Klein
April 15, 2015

Duct tape crafts for kids can range from room upgrades to simple playroom toys. These 35 crafts will keep the family busy all year.

Duct tape has been recognized for decades for its versatility, but now that rolls come in all kinds of sizes and styles you can really have a lot of fun with it -- especially when it comes to duct tape crafts for kids. Whether you have a sword-swinging toddler in the house or a crafting tween, there is a duct tape craft for them.

"Duct tape is so versatile because it can be torn by hand but is also very strong. It's water resistant and also able to be printed which makes it ideal for crafting and repair," says Rob Jordan, the "head honcho" at Platypus Designer Duct Tape. He shares some great tips for working with duct tape.

"There are some tricks of the trade that many people aren't aware of, such as wiping your scissor blades with a small amount of cooking oil before they start to gum up. Another very useful tip is to use parchment paper, not wax paper. It acts like a release paper, and you can cut out very complex shapes then apply them like a sticker."

Patti LaPorte, the senior category manager at ShurTech Brands, creators of Duck Brand duct tape, shares some of her ideas for crafting with duct tape. "We always encourage users to get creative -- you're only limited by your imagination."

LaPorte offers these tips:

  • To get the easiest release from a roll of tape, use your dominant hand to pull the tape end sticky-side down away from your body in one continuous motion.
  • Fingers getting stuck to the tape? After you cut a piece from the roll, flip the tape so the sticky side is facing up. From there, simply roll your fingers off the edges of the tape.
  • Sometimes your scissors stick or become covered in adhesive. The key is to use a pair of scissors with a titanium non-stick blade.
  • If there isn't enough tension, you may not get a clean cut. Apply the end of the tape to your work surface and then pull on the roll to create the necessary tension to cut a piece of tape.
  • All surfaces should be clean and free of dust or dirt before placing any tape on them.

Ready to get crafting? Here are 35 duct tape crafts for kids to keep your children entertained all year:

  1. Stop folding down your book's pages -- this corner bookmark sits nicely on the corner of your page.
  2. These elegant tassel adorned bookmarks are totally gift-worthy.
  3. Light sabers of your very own are exactly what your playroom has been missing.
  4. It doesn't have to be the school's book week for your kid to get into character. Try this Cat in the Hat project on for size.
  5. Mix crafting and Lego by making your own miniature superhero capes.
  6. These monster party hats have cute "hair" that pops out the top.
  7. This flying decorative shield will protect the whole family from boredom and fuel play.
  8. Duct tape superhero capes and cuffs will make crafting a comic affair.
  9. This Wonder Woman costume only requires a few colors of duct tape and a shirt and shorts.
  10. The dynamic duo come together for this fabulous superhero bank.
  11. These pool noodle duct tape nunchucks will thrill your swimming ninjas.
  12. Brighten up the switch plates, and you won't have to remind the kids to turn off the lights quite so often.
  13. Just when you put the finishing touches on their room, they outgrow the decor. Update it with this canvas and duct tape art project.
  14. This game of checkers can go with you anywhere once you've crafted it out of bottle caps and duct tape.
  15. Stay inside and play with this wonderfully simple duct tape hopscotch board.
  16. Keep your tiny engineers busy with this playful marble run.
  17. Craft these sail boats out of duct tape, fill the bath and let the races begin.
  18. These duct tape racetracks are as fun to design as they are to race on.
  19. Dream big as you make these cardboard and duct tape airplanes.
  20. Choo choo! This duct tape and cardboard box train has its own working light.
  21. Put on some tunes, and let your little strummer play along with this duct tape guitar.
  22. Any way you shake it, these duct tape shakers can be done quickly and easily.
  23. This drum is sophisticated enough for even your older drummers.
  24. A customized duct tape belt belongs in every child's wardrobe.
  25. These mod earrings are a perfect craft for your fashionista.
  26. Little dapper dudes will love this quirky bow tie.
  27. These cheerleader bows make the perfect hair accessory.
  28. A fan bow is perfect for decorating a birthday gift or jazzing up bulletin boards and mirrors.
  29. This duct tape bag is so stylish you might sneak off with it after it's made.
  30. A compact dry erase board is perfect for playing school or doing homework.
  31. This superhero envelope will keep all important pieces of paper, special notes or cards in one place.
  32. Desk accessories cost a small fortune at the store, so let them create their own.
  33. Who doesn't love a confetti popper? Make these for a memorable celebration.
  34. These zippered duct tape pouches are fun and simple to make.
  35. Duct tape beads are one-of-a-kind -- once you've made enough, craft some jewelry.

For more craft ideas, check out these 13 Fun Animal Crafts for Kids.

Leah Klein is mom to two duct tape crafters. Leah blogs at Leah's Life: Pearls & Oysters and has a pair of duct tape slippers, a few duct tape wallets, and several duct tape bookmarks that can be found around the house. To see what she's up to in the kitchen or at the craft table you can find her Twitter.

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