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20 Dinosaur Crafts for Your Mini-Paleontologist

Katie Kavulla
June 9, 2017

Blow your child's mind with these 20 dinosaur crafts and activities that will keep even the most curious of amateur paleontologists entertained. But, be warned -- dinosaurs are a messy bunch!

"Crafting is a wonderful bonding experience for adults and kids. The key to crafting with kids is to keep the craft project fun and age-appropriate," says Carol Heppner, the chair of the designer section of the Craft and Hobby Association and a professional craft designer and photographer. Which makes it a great activity to share with caregivers and babysitters as well. 

Carrie Beth Posener, a co-creator of the blog The Magnolia Mamas, agrees. "Keep your expectations low and your projects simple. As long as you have a 'let's have fun' attitude, everyone will have a good time!"

dinosaur crafts

Here are 20 dinosaur craft ideas your little one is sure to love:

  1. Turn Her into a Dinosaur
    If pretending she's a dino is more up her alley than learning about them, these DIY paper dinosaur hats from Cutting Tiny Bites are a must-make.
  2. Just Add Paint
    Grab the paint, some paper and all of his little dinosaur figures for this cool dinosaur tracks matching activity from Mom Endeavors.
  3. When Dinosaurs Meet Glitter
    Thanks to these sparkly paper plate dinosaurs from The Craft Train, dinosaurs get a glitzy makeover.
  4. Get Your Stomp On
    He already stomps around like a T. rex, so these quick and easy dinosaur feet from Rainy Day Mum will be a huge hit.
  5. No Digging Required
    Kitchen Floor Crafts goes the extra mile with these homemade dinosaur bones that you can make at home using a basic salt dough.
  6. Did Dinos Wear Flip-Flops?
    Get your dinosaur lover outside and making dinosaur tracks of her own with these dinosaur track flip-flops from Wine and Glue.
  7. The T. rex Will Take a Side of Spaghetti
    Head to your pantry for this easy idea from Busy Bee Kids Crafts that will use up all of your old extra pasta in a snap making this dinosaur bones craft.
  8. These Dinos Love to Fly
    Leap Frog has created a dinosaur project that is part craft and part toy. Your kids will love flying their wood and paper pteranodons around the house after they dry.
  9. Go Green for Your Dinosaur Crafts
    Save your toilet paper rolls and make some room on your floor for these cool dinosaur skeletons from Your Modern Family.
  10. Fossils That Are Practically Real
    The ultimate in dinosaur craft ideas, AlphaCord gives all the instructions you'll need to make your own fossils.
  11. Sticky and Slimy
    Looking for a little rainy day dinosaur fun? Picklebums has the greatest recipe for dino slime that is perfect for letting them explore with their favorite dinosaur figurines.
  12. Print It and Get Crafting
    For the dinosaur lover that has a bit more patience, print out the pieces for this awesome poseable Tyrannosaurus rex from Instructables and let him go to town with some advanced crafting.
  13. 3, 2, 1, Erupt!
    If your kids are interested in where dinosaurs lived, Fun At Home with Kids has the perfect erupting dinosaur volcanoes craft for your family.
  14. Have the Hot Chocolate Ready
    Ideas that combine crafting and playing are always favorites for both kids and parents, so let them excavate dinosaurs from ice with instructions from Parenting Chaos.
  15. Recycled Rexes
    Stock up on cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls for these toilet paper tube dinosaurs from Craft, Interrupted.
  16. Home Sweet Home, Dinosaurs
    For a craft that's a bit more extensive for older children, the paper mache dinosaur cave from Crayon Box Chronicles. Make it now, play with it later.
  17. Hello There, Baby Dinosaur
    If baby dinosaurs are your kiddo's biggest interest, she'll love this hatching dinosaur egg craft from Little Family Fun.
  18. Spiky Laundry-saurus
    Spare clothespins and some paint are all you need to make this fanciful stegosaurus from No Time For Flashcards.
  19. Plan on a Post-Craft Foot Bath
    Your kids' feet are nearly as big as dinosaur feet anyway, so grab the paint and make this dinosaur footprint craft from Crafting Morning.
  20. A Super-Clean Craft You'll Both Love
    Make it now and use it later with these fun prehistoric soaps from Super Exhausted. They will take your kids back in time -- and get them clean at the same time!

For more fun craft ideas, try this tutorial on How to Make Cardboard Tube Farm Animals.

Katie Kavulla is a mom of three who lives in the Seattle area. She loves to craft with her kids and has an extensive washi tape collection that they love to dig into. You can find more from Katie on Instagram.

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