13 crafts for kids to make with 3 supplies or less

June 8, 2017
13 crafts for kids to make with 3 supplies or less

Arts and crafts projects are a great way to spend time with kids, but did you know those hours spent with glitter and glue builds their brain power, too? In fact, providing crafts for kids to make can actually stimulate the brain in ways that encourage future development, according to Darleen Claire Wodzenski, a national spokesperson for Gifted Children and member of the PsychoNeuroEducational Institute.

"Creative arts -- including arts and crafts -- engage the whole brain! New neural connections are created or reinforced each time a child engages in a creative activity," explains Wodzenski. "As a result, creative activities can stimulate childhood development across all the domains."

As exciting as this sounds, you might think you need to invest in a mountain of craft supplies to help your children take part in creative activities. Not true! Some of the best crafts for kids to make often need only a few materials. As parents and babysitters, keeping things simple around your home can also help you keep it organized, and craft time is no exception. You don't need an entire table full of craft materials to provide your children with an entertaining art project.

Collect your rocks, paper and cotton balls and get crafting! It's just that easy to stimulate those young minds. Take it from MaryAnn F. Kohl, an author, educator and founder of Bright Ring Publishing. "Art may seem like fun and games -- and it is! -- however, children are actually learning by exploring art activities."

Check out these simple yet fun crafts and activities for kids to make that only require a few supplies. 

1. Painted rocks

Go out in your yard and collect rocks for your children to paint. Look for small to medium rocks measuring between two to four inches in diameter. With a little paint, your children can turn those old, dirty rocks into a ladybug, giant eyeball, kitty cat or abstract rainbow.

2. Rolled paper beads

Paper, glue and glitter are all your children need to create rolled paper beads that they can use to make decorative bracelets and necklaces.

3. Cotton ball beards

Children love to play dress up, but they will just go crazy over this awesome cotton ball beard! Best of all, making a cotton ball beard only requires a few inexpensive items you probably already have around your house.

4. Soda bottle planter man

Try out this hilarious craft by transforming the bottom of a plastic soda bottle into a whimsical and useful planter person.

5. Lunch bag kite

Take it from the creative mama blog Lovely Commotion and put those brown paper bags to use by transforming them into fun kites for your little ones to play with.

6. Pine cone bird feeder

If your children love to watch birds, turn your backyard into a bird haven by making these simple pine cone bird feeders with only a few materials.

7. Paper tube rain stick

Instead of tossing all of those paper towel tubes into the recycling bin, take a tip from the crafty blog Happiness is Homemade by turning them into rain sticks that your kiddos can use to make beautiful music.

8. Paper bag flower tiara

For your little fairy princess, create a super easy and inexpensive paper bag tiara using a standard paper grocery bag and faux flowers.

9. Cupcake flowers

After making tons of cupcakes for your child's class at school, education blog Laughing Kids Learn suggests putting all of those left over paper holders to use by creating decorative cupcake flowers.

10. Glove monsters

If your children love monsters, make a few gnarly creatures out of old gloves and pieces of felt fabric, just like those inspired by the craft-lovers blog Craftaholics Anonymous.

11. I Spy jar

Make an I Spy jar like one found on Shabby Chicks out of a recycled glass jar, some dried rice and odds and ends from your child's bedroom.

12. Giant tissue paper flowers

If you have tissue paper left over from wrapping birthday presents, use it to create gorgeous tissue paper flowers that your child can hang on her bedroom wall.

13. Sock bubble maker

Repurpose an old sock by turning it into a sock bubble maker. Attach the sock to the end of a plastic cup and your children can make enormous bubble snakes that will keep them occupied for hours!

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