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Fun Things for City Kids

Tiffany Smith
June 1, 2017

Go on an urban adventure with your kids or the kids you nanny for.

If you're in the city with kids -- or if you can bring them to a city nearby -- there are a million different places to find fun on any given afternoon or weekend of the year.

Check out some of our favorites in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, with ideas for finding urban-style adventures wherever you may roam.


The bottom line? Don't be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the big city -- or its many offerings. With some careful research and some moxie, you can explore whole new worlds together and gain a lifetime of education, one step at a time.

Need more fun things for city kids? Check out Care.com insiders' tips in cities like Denver, New Haven, Pittsburgh, and Tampa.

Tiffany Smith is the senior associate editor here at Care.com. She has written for All You, Time for Kids and the Boston Globe. And as a former babysitter, she knows a lot about fun games to play with kids. Getting them to eat their veggies -- that’s a different story! Follow her on Twitter at @tiffanyiswrite

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