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Fun Mazes For Kids of All Ages

Kelly Sundstrom
June 1, 2017

Give your kiddos an exciting challenge with these top mazes for every age!

Mazes do more than just stimulate the minds of young children. In fact, the complex thought processes that take place when kids work through mazes can improve learning across multiple areas, according to Amanda Mathews, an occupational therapist with North Shore Pediatric Therapy in Chicago. "Giving your children mazes can help them improve certain skills, like planning and brainstorming different strategies." Mathews says that mazes can help children develop both visual and fine motor skills.

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If your kiddos need a good challenge, parents and nannies can use these mazes for kids to do the trick! Darleen Claire Wodzenski, a national spokesperson for gifted children and a member of the PsychoNeuroEducational Institute, agrees. "Maintaining a challenging level of learning can sometimes become tricky for (older children), especially with a gifted and talented learner," says Wodzenski, but mazes can be a great way to challenge your little learner in an age-appropriate way. Check out these fantastic mazes for kids of all ages.

Printable Mazes For Toddlers (Ages 1 to 3)

Toddlers might need a little incentive to complete a maze, so try starting them out with mazes that feature an obvious goal at the end. Even though toddlers cannot easily manage a detailed maze like older children can, they can still try out a few of these easy printable toddler mazes.

  1. Hungry Bunny
    These three bunny mazes from Kids Activities Blog are simple, but with three levels of difficulty your toddler can gradually improve his maze skills.
  2. Ant Attack
    Gift of Curiosity has simple ant mazes for toddlers, which can double as a lesson about how ants tunnel underground.
  3. Scissor Maze
    Put down the pencil and pick up the (child-safe) scissors for Kinzie's Kreations cutting maze, which helps children work on fine motor skills.
  4. Busy Bee
    Help the bee find his honey in Mr. Printables bee hive maze.
  5. Line Maze
    These line mazes from Cheerios and Lattes might look simple, but your toddler will be challenged when you ask him to hold the crayon in a correct handwriting position. 

Wire and Bead Mazes For Toddlers (Ages 1 to 3)

Your toddlers will love wire and bead mazes, which offer a three-dimensional maze experience perfect for little hands and experiential learners. Little hands guide and wind colorful beads around stationary wires, which can help stimulate little minds and develop dexterity. Purchase one in stores or make your own with this tutorial on Play at Home Mom

Printable Mazes For Preschoolers (Ages 3 to 5)

Once little ones reach preschool age, they can truly master the nuances of mazes by attempting more complex patterns. At this age, stick to these printable mazes that are exciting and inviting.

  1. Animal Mazes
    These animal sheets from Turtle Diary don't look like mazes at first glance -- perfect for little ones who may get overwhelmed by mazes at first.
  2. Outer Space Puzzle
    If your preschooler is into all things astronomical, try this preschool outer space maze from Kid Printables.
  3. Alphabet Mazes
    Help your little one learn upper and lowercase letters with these mazes from 1+1+1=1.
  4. Map Maze
    Get kids familiar with map reading with this maze from Mr. Printables, which is drawn out like a road map.
  5. Letter Puzzles
    Help kids learn the shapes of each letter with these jumbled mazes from Teacher at Home.

Labyrinth Mazes For Preschoolers (Ages 3 to 5)

Labyrinth mazes require preschoolers to maneuver a ball through a raised maze board. This type of maze can help preschoolers improve and develop both fine and gross motor skills -- make your own from CD cases with help from The Journals of Giddy Giddy.

Printable Mazes For Grade-Schoolers (Ages 5 to 10)

Older children can really challenge themselves by attempting more complex mazes that will really give them a run for their money. As your kids get older, try giving them these brainy mazes.

  1. Climb the Mountain
    Race to the top of the mountain with this maze from Raising Our Kids.
  2. Wind a Clock
    This clock maze from Mr. Printables is great for grade-schoolers who are learning to tell time.
  3. Math Maze
    Your kids can complete a maze and learn their multiplication tables with these puzzles from Dr. Mike's Math Games for Kids.
  4. Many Paths
    With overlapping paths that all end on different prizes, direct the bunny to the carrot with this complicated puzzle from Mr. Printables.
  5. Complex Puzzles
    These complex mazes from Creative Parties are for truly advanced and determined puzzlers.

Life-Size Mazes For Grade-Schoolers (Ages 5 to 10)

Corn mazes are fun for kids in this age group, but who wants to wait until fall to do one? Create your own life-size maze with chalk, like Hands On As We Grow does.

Kelly Sundstrom is an award-winning journalist, author, artist and national special needs spokesperson. As the mother of two twice-exceptional children, Sundstrom has been a guest speaker on Grassroots TV in Aspen, Colorado, and offers her support and advocacy to special needs families all over the country.

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