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8 Fun Art Projects For Kids to Get Them Giggling

Kara Murphy
May 31, 2017

The creative process is only half the fun with these silly crafts.

Kids love crafts. Kids love to laugh. Combine the two and you've got fun art projects for kids guaranteed to get the whole family giggling -- and engaged. "Kids love things that are silly, and if parents and caregivers can incorporate some silliness into artwork, it is sure to be a hit," said Vicky Perreault, a mother of three whose website Mess For Less gives parents and caregivers inspiration for daily activities.

Here are eight ideas to get kids creating -- and get the sillies out:

  1. Paint With Mud
    Yep, you read that right. Don't be surprised if your kids end up painting themselves, each other and you! Mud painting is one of children's art author MaryAnn Kohl's favorite silly activities for the younger set. But she doesn't stop there: She likes to let kids experiment making paints from different ingredients around the house. Adding a few drops of food coloring to shaving cream, mixing together white glue and paint or even adding water to dirt all create different textures, colors and experiences for your child. Find a basic tutorial for mud painting at A Mom with a Lesson Plan.
  2. Pop Bubble Wrap
    Bubble wrap is a perennial kid favorite, of course, but get creative with that old standby! Tape that wrap to your feet, then add paint. Now you've got the makings for messy, manic mayhem that is sure to end in giggles. Head over to Mess for Less for directions.
  3. Stomp Around with Dino Feet
    Kids will be roaring with delight as they stomp through the house in their homemade monster feet. Have them paint empty tissue boxes before adding dinosaur toes to the front with paper and glue. Find the dino-mite idea at Momma Melly.
  4. Make Monsters
    Paint your kids' feet (the tickles alone will get them smiling), mash to paper, then get super silly by having them make the funniest looking monster they can dream up using the foot imprint as its body. One eye? Nine eyes? How about snakes for hair? You get the idea. Visit Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails for the full how-to.
  5. Plant a Pet
    Chop a two-liter bottle in half. Add googly eyes and a funny nose before adding dirt and seeds or a plant. Ta-da! You've made your very own Chia Pet. Don't forget to name your newest family member and give him a place of honor at the dinner table for a giggling good time. Check out DIY & Crafts for directions.
  6. Puppetize Yourself
    Taking a few funny photos is just the start of this craft. Print out pictures of the whole family, glue to cardboard, cut them apart and add tacks. Finally, use string to complete your puppets. Then try not to laugh as you make the whole family dance! See Sweet Paul for a tutorial.
  7. "Spray" Paint
    Kids won't believe they get to be as messy as they want in this crazy craft. Repurpose some old condiment bottles by replacing the ketchup and mustard with homemade "spray" paint. Then go crazy squirting that paint on paper (outside, of course). Can they squirt their names? Dribble-paint a hot dog? How about a likeness of Daddy? Find the how-to at Powerful Mothering.
  8. Bookmark It
    Have as goofy a photo shoot as your kids can dream up, then print and cut out their pictures, laminate and add string. Presto: You've created silly bookmarks that will make your kids smile no matter how the book ends. These make great easy gifts for Grandma and Grandpa, too. Learn how to make this craft at Come Together Kids.

Kohl says parents don't have to be good artists themselves to create fun art projects for kids. Mistakes and unexpected outcomes can often lead to more laughs and enduring family memories than when a project works out perfectly, she says.

"Art gives children a chance to test their ideas, to create without a model to copy, to find out how materials work and to think for themselves," Kohl says. "Art may seem like fun and games -- and it is!" But children are learning at the same time, she adds. Skills such as communication, problem-solving, self-expression and fine motor development are all honed through creating art. So get silly and start creating!

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Kara Murphy is a freelance writer in Erie, Penn. She has two children, ages 5 and 3, who think there's nothing funnier than making a big mess while painting.

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